All the ideas make me crazy #Starwars

Sorry if you are sick of me writing about Star Wars. I love the series, and the Universe. And all the new ideas that come from the new film and novels are especially interesting. So many ideas! If there was one thing I took away from the new movie is that there are now so many different things that could be done, new movies, new series, new books. It is one good thing about effectively restarting the canon. But there is one continuous thread that does drive me up the wall.

Okay, here’s the deal. Prior to the Clone Wars there were at least hundreds of Jedi Knights. And they came from many races, they were not all human by a long shot. In fact one of the most powerful was an alien, Yoda. And yes the Clone Wars and Order 66 wiped out all of the Jedi at that time. And yes it is possible that in the 20 some odd years of Imperial control that Vader was somewhat successful in hunting down the remaining Jedi, and also preventing anyone else from training as Jedi.

But, there are thousands of planets, hundreds of systems in the Star Wars Galaxy. It defies logic that somehow Vader was able to track down and wipe out any Force user on all of those planets. Even with Faster Than Light travel it is still impossible to be in more than one place at once. And in some of those planets, particularly the ones on the Outer Rim, Empire control would be termed shaky at best.

And yet, all of the speculation coming out of the movies was about whether those using the Force were or are somehow related to each other. That they somehow all stem from one or two human bloodlines. That just does not jibe with common sense.

First, it is established that use and mastery of the Force is not limited to Humans. That is true even in the original trilogy, because Yoda is clearly not human. So aliens can train in the use of the Force. And if you look at everything that is in the prequel trilogy, and the Clone Wars series, all of which is still accepted as canon, there were many alien Jedi from many different races.

Second, although it is never explicitly pointed out, but is pretty clear, the Jedi Knights were to remain chaste at a minimum. Which theoretically means that the Jedi were not having offspring. And Jedi training began at a very young age, as children throughout the Republic were brought to train. Those children had to come from somewhere. And if they were not children of Jedi Knights than clearly the use of the Force is not an inherited trait. You either can use the Force or not.

Which means that in the time since the ascension of the Emperor and the rule of Vader, it stands to reason that there are or were Force sensitive children out there. They may not be getting trained but they are out there. And they could be of any race, not just human.

And yet, despite all of this, we are somehow led to believe that only Luke could be a Jedi Knight. And somehow only his relatives would have the ability to be trained in the use of the Force. No, I tell you, that fails the logic test. That somehow the ability to use the Force would somehow be wiped from the Galaxy in one human generation or two at most.

So, as cool as all the theories are (and I came across a really cool one today let me tell you) spare me. There must be others out there who can use the Force and be trained. And that is not even mentioning other groups with odd powers like the witches in the Clone Wars series. And I understand there are challenges in portraying aliens. But come on Disney, I want more than one human Jedi in an entire Galaxy.


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