An example of what can be done #DnD #RPG

Viper hated cities. And this one, Alexandria, was certainly the worst he had ever encountered. The people there were a unique kind of crazy. From the initial welcome, where their arrival was treated like the arrival of a god, to the spread of every kind of news. Each and every thing that the party did was treated like fabulous news, and stories of it spread around the city like wildfire.

And the people had no respect for the truth, or gave them a chance to do anything in secret. They were only here to get information on the feared Armando and his plots to resurrect the Vivimort cult, and hunt him down. And yet they had spent more time at parties and dealing with useless news events than actually learning where this Armando was.

Young Braveheart had created trouble out of nothing. His new quest to enjoy and spread news of freedom had resulted in a riot in front of their villa. And now he faced charges that could send him to salt mines.

Qualiki had not been seen since their arrival and audience with the Caliph. And the others actually seemed to be enjoying their time running from event to event, dressing up, and being seen about town.

And now an ambush in the street proved that at a minimum some very powerful people were willing to pay high sums to steal the parties special items. That at least had given him and Fang an opportunity to lash out, even if they had not been able to do any damage.

Viper could not get out of the city and back on the hunt soon enough. Almost anything would be better than this insanity of reporters, news headlines, every person following every move they made.

We had a very different kind of adventure in our Denver campaign this week. It was an almost purely role playing session, with almost no combat at all. Which was fun, and an interesting change of pace. And the DM handled it quite well. Acting on the fly when the players did unusual things.

Jimmy learned a lesson about acting without thought, planning and keeping the rest of the party involved. I will now have to help rein him in some. Help him understand what works in a game, and what doesn’t work.

Games like these are fun, and I was able to actually use some of my characters skills that do not get used as often as I might like. And playing puzzles against the DM can be an enjoyable experience. Although I will be honest that I was jonesing for a combat by the end of the day.

Jimmy really enjoyed himself though, and wishes his friends could play like that. I explained to him why I don’t even try to do stuff like that with the boys. The lack of life experience, the lack of book experience, the lack of imagination. Trying to run a session like that with the boys would just be an exercise in futility at this point.



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