Mission accomplished #DnD #RPG

Zethoriel read through his notes again on the failed mission to the northern wilderness. Two promising young rangers lost. And he had no one else available to send on another attempted journey. The Ranger who had returned from the north was now on another mission to the east. His Ranger Corps was simply stretched to the breaking point. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.


“Ah Zethoriel, glad you are available, I need your assistance.”

“What can I do for you Vizier?”

“I have been reviewing the stories from your young Rangers visit to the Aguja de Plata, as well as the story given by my young apprentice Svaragg, who was held prisoner there. And I confess to being very concerned about the Skaven creatures. Everything that I have heard indicates that they are using a form of Dark Magic. I hope to nip this in the bud, before they spread and become a danger to the realm.”

“I have had my men do a thorough search of the ruins, and given you everything we have found. I am not certain what else I can do.”

“It happens that I have two visitors, Apprentices from the inner country, arrive here in town. 2 more of the Tinker gnomes, both well versed in magic. I would like to send them to follow up in the ruins, but they will need an escort. Do you have anyone who could help with this?”

“I am afraid that the Ranger Corps is stretched too thin at the moment. And from what I recall you would need some small ones who are comfortable with the dark to explore that tunnel… Wait, I think I have an idea for you.”

The boys game went well yesterday. I integrated the two new characters smoothly enough. I crafted a job that the boys would need to fill, that gave me an excuse to gather everyone together. I created a good little cavern with just enough of a sandbox feel to it so the players had some options.

They handled everything quite well. The poor remaining fighter did take some serious abuse. Being the only obvious fighter in a group makes you a serious target. That player handled all of the abuse pretty well considering.

I was worried about the offensive capabilities of the party without the two rangers. But they were very effective, making good use of all of their magic. And I only had to take things easy once or twice. They weren’t really supposed to run head on into the big bad group of monsters like they did.

All in all though the biggest thing was they survived. And most importantly accomplished what they needed to, capturing the Skaven Warlock. And gathering some good treasure. Which means that they run into one of the dilemmas of 5th E. You cannot just buy magic items or enchant things easily like you can in Pathfinder. I prefer it this way, as the DM. But Jimmy was not happy about it. Nor was the warrior happy when I told him that he could not get an armor upgrade no matter how much he was willing to pay.

But the nice thing is that gives me a jump off point for the game. I have already begun to craft it in my head for the most part. I am already excited for this one. The fighter is going to get a lot of attention, but it will be very rewarding.



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