Next one up #DnD #RPG #Kids

I spent most of yesterday working on the next adventure, I am pretty excited for it. And I plan to try something big out this next time, I hope the boys handle it well.

I am all but done with the next adventure. I am planning to really focus on one of the characters in this one. It will be all about one of the characters getting a chance to prove himself. There will be some tough encounters. So tough in fact that I am breaking from the ideal plan of using multiple encounters to use up party resources. And instead I am going to throw the kitchen sink at them a couple of different times.

And then all eyes will get to focus on one player as his character is forced to undergo some tests, a Test of Strength, a Test of Will, a Test of Skill. One of those should be more funny than tough. And then they all have to resolve a last very tough encounter.

And after this I will open things up to the group. They have a couple of unfinished jobs that they can return to. It will be up to them to decide where they want to go.

But the biggest thing for them to deal with is that I have decided it is time to seriously teach Danny to play D&D. So I created a character for him, leveled up to the same as the boys characters. And I will have him join the group. It is an experiment, a training session. The boys know enough now that they can help him out, guide him to doing smart things. The good thing is that the boys all know him, and let him join in their Call of Duty Games from time to time so there is already a connection there. I hope it goes well. And I created his character in such a way that if it does not work out that I have good reason for his character to wander off. Or he can even be an occasional character that shows up for some adventures but not all of them.

I am looking forward to all this. I gave Danny his own set of dice for Xmas, and promised to teach him to play. And this is a good way to teach him in a friendly environment. There just aren’t a lot of opportunities to run a one off teaching game for just him and maybe Jimmy.

And I think that the player who is the focus of this weeks adventure will enjoy his time in the spotlight. And a chance to show off without any sense of competition. And since he is the one who is most likely to cry favoritism when Danny joins, or Jimmy gets some focus it will be good for party harmony as well.

Yep, it is next adventure up, and next player up. Cause that’s the way it should be around here.

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