A summons is given #DnD #RPG

Gromly walked briskly through the halls of Cold Rock Hold. Still considered young for a dwarf, he was recognized as a capable and respected young Priest of Advarius, God of Light. He wondered what task he was summoned for. It was unusual for the Hold Arms Master to summon Priests but he answered the summons dutifully. He knocked at the door of the Arms Room.

“Enter,” shouted the Arms Master.

Gromly entered, and was surprised to see the head of his order, as well as the Clan Chief.

“I am here in response to your summons sirs.”

“Yes, Gromly we have a task for you. This will be your first journey outside the Hold. We need you to go with the caravan to Rosa Roca. Once you are there we need you to ask around the village and locate a young Dwarf warrior, goes by the name Kildrak.”

“Kildrak? I don’t recall that name here in the hold sir, is he from another Hold?”

“No, he was an orphan, lost his family and clan right after he was born. We are only just now finding out about him, seems he basically raised himself in the town there. Wouldn’t have even known about him if word hadn’t gotten back to us that there was a Dwarf warrior asking for Dwarf size Half Plate.”

“An orphan for that long? How dreadful, so he has no Clan ties at all?”

“No, none, based on what the Count and his advisers have said he is more than ready to take the Trials. Would have already done so had he been with a Clan.”

“So am I to summon him to the Hold?”

“Yes, exactly, tell him that he is to come to the Hold to take the Trials. And if he passes then he will receive the customary battle gear which he should have already received.”

“The caravan leaves in the morning, so prepare yourself and beware on the journey. Apparently this Kildrak and his friends are trouble magnets.”

“Yes lord”

This weekends game will be centered around one of the characters. I am taking a tip from one of the players background choices. I think it will be fun for the group as a whole. It will be a mixed adventure.

There will be a little Monster of the week type of adventure. As the players will have a tough encounter and then get a chance to rest before the next tough encounter. I did this to up the ante a little on what they face.

And then from there there will be the focused game for just the one player. And then there will be a big boss of the week battle.

This will be a chance to go back to the old style of gaming for two reasons. First, this was a short week and I didn’t have the time to put together a serious campaign. Second, since this will be a learning game for Danny I wanted to minimize the extra stuff, and worrying about resource management etc. Play each battle as a kitchen sink encounter.

We will see how it all goes. And then I will take the time to put the next game together. And ask for input on what they want to do next, instead of just pushing them into adventures.



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