2 Slayers & a trio of Gnomes #DnD #RPG


Two Dwarves, 3 Gnomes, all came into the mountains in search of a home for one of the Dwarves. And in the end, Kildrak Trahoun had earned his place in Cold Rock Hold, and his new moniker: Kildrak Wyvern Slayer. And Gromly, priest of Light, had earned his own name of Kobold Destroyer.

This game went very well. I relaxed the mode of small encounter, small encounter, small encounter, hard encounter and then break. I instead took it easy on them and went with 3 big encounters, let them have a chance to use all of their resources in each battle. I figured that breaking in a new player the smart thing was to not push it.

Danny had a good time. And for the most part he did well. It will be good for him, the chance to interact with the big boys. And it will be good for him to work on basic math skills, adding the dice scores up. And the boys helped him out.

And now I need to figure out what to do next with them. I did ask them where they wanted to go. I will probably use what I already had. And then maybe add some stuff or mix it up.

I do feel a need to help them out a little, give them a lesson on how to use their characters properly. Although for the most part they did handle things pretty well together. We will see how they do moving forward.



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