A tactical treatise for the boys #DnD #RPG

I probably should have included this on my earlier post but I had not really thought it through then. So I now apologize for the blandness of that earlier post. In retrospect, while the boys did handle all of the combats well, they will need to get better at how they handle their tactics. So I thought I would write this out, just to give an idea of what they could do.

Tyria, the Bruce Lee of Gnomes

Tyria is two things. First, she is the party’s best infiltrator, with the best stealth skill and the high initiative to let her escape should she need to. Second, she hits extremely hard, and has the ability to tie up 1 combatant for multiple turns. Using her Flurry of Blows, and the paralyze ability, she can really tie up the big guy. So the thing the party should concentrate on finding ways for her to get to the big guy to do just that, or the spell casters.

Kildrak, Dwarf Tank

Kildrak is the ultimate melee weapon. Now with even better armor, and the highest hit points in the party he can wade into the thick of even the toughest of foes and bring the fight to them. He should be in the front of the party in any combat situation. Any foe in their right mind will direct all their attention to him. He can also dish out a large amount of damage.

Gromly, Dwarf Priest

Gromly has even less subtlety than Kildrak. He has the armor to back up Kildrak, and the spells to keep him going. And the ranged attacks to keep foes off Kildrak’s back. When possible he should either be directly behind Kildrak or taking up the rear.

Nisaven, flashy Evoker

Nisaven is the ranged combat specialist in the party. As an evoker he can bring down the thunder with all manners of high powered spells. But with the lowest hit points in the party he needs to be protected, staying as far out of harms way as possible. So he needs to hid behind the tanks, or keep hidden.

Alekto, Sorcerer

Alecto has some damage dealing spells, but also looks to distract and disguise the opponent when possible. His spells are better targeted at individual opponents, like a magical sniper.

As you can see what the party has is plenty of ranged attacks using spells. And decent melee capabilities. Their problem is toughness, which is to be expected with only one fighter. And if they run into an opponent that favors area of effect attacks they could also be in trouble.

Their best approach is to get spread out, or at least Alekto and Tyria should focus on movement and shadow as much as possible. While the core of the Dwarves can protect Nisaven.

Of course this also gives me a recipe for defeating them, but that is really just child’s play for me at this point. It would be too easy to play the adversary and design encounters meant to defeat them.

Instead I have an overall plot, and I know their place in it. And the encounters they run into are part of that story. Doing it that way keeps me honest as a DM.

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