The world keeps on going #DnD #RPG

Centurion Gaius walked purposefully into the office of his commander, Legate Palicamus.

“You wished to speak with me sir?” 

“Yes Centurion, come over to the map here.”

Gaius walked over to the map on the wall, noting that it was of the southern edge of the Burn, an area that had not been formally patrolled or controlled by the Empire in almost a century.

“See this here?” the Legate pointed to a symbol on the map.

“Yes sir, that appears to mark the settlement on Xandria.”

“I have a disturbing report from there. A human from another kingdom came there recently. Received food and supplies and then returned to the south where she came from. Said she was an explorer from the Kingdom of Tortuga.”

“But there were no human settlements south of the Dragonwall and the Desert sir. If I recall my history correctly the last Legate there, a Francis or something, had written reports from his own explorers that the land to the south held only a smattering of barbaric races.”

“Correct, Legate Franxier. But that was written over 2 hundred years ago. And before the Disaster and the Burn. As we have only recently begun resettling that area of the Burn no one knows what could lie farther south.”

“Shocking, where could they have come from?”

“That is also unknown. There are far too many unknowns here. Which is why I want you to take 2 contubernium and travel South to investigate. Pick up the strangers trail at Xandria and follow her south. You may take young Ripanus, and Proculius as well. And I imagine Senetio will accompany you as well.”

“Yes sir, I find that Senetio is extremely useful in thse types of operations. May I pick from the triarii for my men?”

“Yes, this type of mission might have need of that level of experience. I know this is not an ideal time for this kind of mission, so be sure to have decent supplies. I look forward to your report in, say, 6 months time?”

“Aye sir, Hail to the Emperor!”

With that Gaius turned about and left, making a mental list of which men he would take on this mission. They would need to be comfortable riding, and able to make the quick transition to foot in case of an engagement. No personal entanglements that would cause home sickness. Yes, he knew just the men who would work work for this.

The thing about running a good campaign is the idea that the world does not revolve around the characters. Events in other parts of the land, close by and beyond, take place without the characters being involved. In many cases those events are purely in my head, and have no bearing on what happens to the players. Until they do.

So I can begin to put together the events that are happening in the land beyond the county of Rosaroca. And with snippets like this piece together what could be an eventful couple of sessions and encounters.

I am really enjoying this world building part of the campaign. And look forward to the players getting a chance to see it unfold as well. I doubt that they read any of these. And if they do I make sure not to give away anything crucial before the sessions.


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