Excitement builds for the weekend #DnD #RPG

I’m a little conflicted about the joy I feel about playing this coming weekend in Denver. On the one hand, I will be playing without Jimmy, which is sad. On the other hand I get to play, which is cool. And I have some thoughts I am going to try to push both in this game as a player and the next time I run the boys game.

I will be honest, while it is disappointing that Jimmy will no longer be joining me with the Denver game, there is a certain amount of relief. It was great to share the time with Jimmy. And I think he learned a lot while also having a great time. Which is the kind of experience that any parent would want. On the other hand, I imagine I will feel a little freer with how I act and play now. Not having to worry about his actions, or about how he might view my own actions. It is a mixed bag.

Of course that does no minimize the fact that I get to play this weekend! Since I decided to take a weekend or two off from role playing it will be nice to get back to it. Because this is my happy place, either running or playing in a game. And this game is really cool, and I always look forward to seeing what the GM has in store for us, it is never dull.

Another thing I am going to try and push more with the role playing in general is using skills. In Denver I have a Ranger-Druid with a wide variety of high level skills, I have put a lot of time into those skills. And I fully intend to make more of an effort to use them. Especially since reading up on the Take 10 or Take 20 rules in Pathfinder. Because that’s a big deal, it takes some of the risk out of using the skills, and rewards me for having pushed my set of skills so high.

Also as a DM I intend to make a bigger push of the players skills. Place them into situations where they can use their skills, and help them narrate what they are doing so the skills become more interesting.

All of this stems from two things. First, I have always liked Skill based game systems. GURPS is still one of my favorite systems. And I tended to drive my GM crazy in Deadlands/Savage Worlds with my use of a variety of skills instead of creating one trick pony characters. I thought that the introduction of skills in 2nd Ed D&D was a big turning point in how players could use their characters.

Second, I have been intermittently listening to some podcasts recently. There are a huge number of them devoted to role playing, D&D etc. Anyway, I listened to this one last week that was great. And it really got into the use of skills, how they work in 5E. And I am definitely taken with what they described, both as a DM and as a player. So I am excited to put some of what they talked about into my games.

The thing is, I am not content with where I am in role playing. I want to be a better player. And I want to be a better DM. So I am looking at a week like this as a chance to put some great advice into practice.

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