Thinking about choices a character makes #DnD #Pathfinder #RPG

Viper slumped to the ground with the rest of his comrades. The Heroes of Clermont were exhausted. The fight they had just completed had been a long, brutal, taxing event, using up virtually all of their resources.

It had seemed a feasible encounter at first. They were traveling up a river, and saw coming down the river an undead host. An undead host consisting of gargantuan undead crocodiles serving as vessels for Skeletal Champions and Priests, with some assorted other Skeletons warriors. The plan was solid, channel the creatures into an inferno of fire, then wait in a line for the combat to come to them. 

What none of them were prepared for was the sheer size of the creatures, combined with their undead abilities, to make them nearly impossible to destroy. Or the ferocity of Champions, wielding dual, magically sharpened, blades with amazing speed and precision.

The fires of Qualiki, combined with the powers of Iomadae issued from Marisol, the holy sword used by Elly, kept the pressure off for much of the battle. Thorvald and Viper were able to do what they could to hang on in the face of this onslaught, but only just barely. As Thorvald was forced to call upon the protection of Thor multiple times to keep the enemy off of the party. And the healing of Mickey kept the group standing in spite of horrific damage. 

Eventually all of the champions and priests were destroyed, and it then became a matter of time to smash the remaining crocodiles into pieces.

Viper now sat and pondered the marvelous mace that belonged to Mickey, and had previously been wielded by Braveheart. While lacking the grace and speed of his scimitar, it had certainly been far more effective against these creatures. While he had always taken his cues from the snake in his choices he began to wonder if maybe this was a case when other choices might be more suited to the foe. 

We had a good time at the Denver game this weekend. It was different without Jimmy there. For one thing we missed his characters awesome ability to just dish out tremendous amounts of damage. On the other hand his tendency to make some odd choices in the midst of a battle was not missed.

On the way up to Denver I listened to an interesting podcast on what does your character do, specifically what do they do when they are not out murder hoboing around the land? The talk was about small, almost hobby like practices characters could engage in, and how they could make it useful in games. It was very interesting. And it got me thinking about Viper’s own choices. And after the battle I had even more thinking.

Here’s the thing, Viper is the party archer, and prefers faster, slicier weapons over bludgeon weapons (he is a Snake Shaman after all.) And I have made certain cinematic choices, like spending on magic that is not very useful. For character building reasons. But it is clear that the choices I have made are beginning to have a negative effect.

I don’t want to reverse those decisions. But I am trying to think more about how to make some of those choices work for me. And I am trying to do some of that with the spells I have. And I did have an inspiration for a way to make some of my skills work more for me, and in turn make my character more effective.

It’s not always easy, I know what I could do to make this character extremely kick ass. But it would involve sacrificing a lot of what I enjoy from a role playing perspective. I’ll just have to ponder on this.


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