It was disappointing, and now the pressure mounts #DnD #RPG

When I woke yesterday the flu bug I had been battling for a week was still kicking my ass. My HP were low and I was failing my Con save. But I thought I would still give the boys game a shot, since it had been so long since we played. Until I went to pick up two of the players and found out one of them was sick as well. At that point I was forced to make the choice to skip the game this week. And there was some disappointment (although Jimmy had been fighting the same bug and I think he was kind of glad for another day of rest.)

Now of course the pressure is on. Because I cannot use the excuse when we play next that I didn’t have time to prepare. Because it will have been over a month since we last played. I had better be sure the next game is a good one. No pressure though <wink>.

I did end up spending some time watching some adventure movies on TV this weekend though. From the Mummy, to Conan, to Man in the Iron Mask to the Last Witch Hunter. So there a number of thoughts spinning around my head now. On adventures to plan, and things I could do in the game I play in. Which was a lot of fun.

And I finished up one Malazan book and moved onto a reread of Raymond Feist’s Magician. Which is a good fantasy adventure book. But is considerably lighter fare from the Malazan books. I am trying not to get stuck reading the same books over and over, or even the same series, I like to spread the wealth.

In other words, while we didn’t play I did not let the time go by without absorbing a large amount of inspiration and fun. Which should keep my mind fresh when it comes time to keep working on the adventures.


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