Exciting news, maybe get out from behind the screen #RPG #Deadlands

Rupert looked up from his breakfast meal. He wasn’t sure what had got his attention. But he was glad he had looked up. Because he was able to take a moment between bites to marvel once again at the magnificent vista before him. This truly was the most beautiful land he had ever laid eyes on, and it still put the hook in him, years after first coming west. 

He could remember that first real look like it was yesterday. He had run away from the group home in Saint Louis where he spent his childhood. Always big for his age, he had been able to convince the army recruiter that he was 18, even though he was only 16. He was issued his uniform and rifle and shipped out west on a train car. They pulled into the station when it was just dawning, and he would never forget the sight of the mountains turning pink in the early rays of morning sun. He had been struck dumb by the beauty of it.

He got a dressing down by the Corporal for that, not the last one he got in his time in the army. He was an indifferent soldier at best, prone to day dreaming when he should have been performing his duties. So no one was upset when he parted terms with the army after his enlistment term was up. 

He took his last pay and bonus, bought some supplies and took the first job he could that would help him get into the mountains. After that he spent a year or two (time got away from you out in the wilderness) trekking in the mountains. Making just enough from trapping, hunting and occasionally tracking to buy supplies that he couldn’t make for himself and to help him get through the cold times. 

Now he spent his time mostly alone, living in a simple cabin he had made, in his beloved mountains. There had been rumors of more people coming into this territory. Maybe even trying to claim the land, as if anyone could claim to own this land. That angered him, which was unusual given how slow he was to anger.

He still wasn’t sure what had shifted his attention but something made him get up and look around. Maybe it was time for a trip into town, no particular reason for it, just an itch in the back of his neck. The kind of itch he had learned to listen to over the years, it had saved his neck more than a few times.

Out of the blue yesterday, I got a call from an old friend. It was great to talk with him briefly, catch up a little. But most important is he said he was looking to put together a once a month game, starting in a month or so. Needless to say, I was pretty psyched, I love playing with this group and I miss them.

He said he was looking to run a game of Deadlands. Which is the game we once played and played the most. So, the group would be familiar with it; we know the rules and the setting so the ramp up time would be pretty quick without a learning curve.

My creative juices started flowing immediately. Oh boy, the characters I could put together! He said there would be a session zero where everyone creates characters. But that does not mean I cannot take some time to come up with some ideas. And when we actually make the characters I would choose the concept that fits with the group best. This will be my new Wednesday post. I will write a fictional background story and then go into the character details.


Rupert is a mountain man in case you hadn’t guessed. An orphan raised in a city orphanage who runs away to join the army. But when he gets out west and sees the mountains for the first time he decides that is where he wants to be the rest of his life.

Rupert would be illiterate because he just slipped through the cracks in the orphanage and army before he ran off to the mountains. He is all thumbs, he hates any technology more complex than a rifle. And he is an introvert (yeah I know a little typecasting) who just is not comfortable around people or large groups.

He is very alert, a big man, and has an innate sense of direction. He would be a good shooter, hunter, and trapper skilled in survival in the mountains.

If the group was going to spending a lot of time in the wilderness he would be an excellent addition. He is effectively a Ranger. Think Jeremiah Johnson, the old Robert Redford film. Depending on the group and the game setting it could be a lot of fun to play this character. One other thing I was thinking is that he hates technology so much that instead of a rifle he carries a basic crossbow and various hand to hand weapons.

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