Across the tundra #DND #RPG


“Kildrak Trahoun, you are now officially a member of the Hold Guard of Cold Rock Hold. With the privilege of wearing the armor and arms of the Hold Guard. And with the responsibility to come at those times the Hold is in danger and requires your assistance.”

With that pronouncement, Kildrak and his party finished their purchase of supplies and headed west into the frozen tundra of the Alto Desierto. It was the depths of winter when they left the comforts of the Dwarven Hold. The cold winds swept the desolate plains as they travelled along the slowly dwindling Serpent River.

Those winds soon brought a snow storm. And with the snow, they began to hear the howls of wolves in the air. A pack had picked up the party’s scent. With the winds and the storm that gradually built into the intensity of a terrible blizzard, it was not possible to determine what direction the wolves were coming from or how far they were. 

The group kept moving through the storm. The gnomes huddled up into the furs on the cart. And the dwarves helped lead the ponies through snow that at times was chest high. And the howls continued in the winds.

Eventually, the snow abated, and the group found a bend in the river, now more of a creek than a river, to make a camp. And it was there that the wolves found them.

The initial rush of wolves came from 2 directions, the smaller wolves leading the way. Nisaven tried to use his Wand of fear to repel one group, but the hunger of the wolves drove them on. Tyria dashed through the snow to knock down a wolf. Kildrak squared off to fight others. And Gromly called upon the powers of Moradin to bring forth fires that decimated those wolves coming from the other direction. But the wolves came on, larger Dire wolves now joining the fray.

Vicious hand to hand combat now ensued as Kildrak began to slaughter the wolves with his hammer and shield. Nisaven continued to unleash the power of his spells. And Tyria, now hastened by the powers of Alecto, was a whirling ball of destruction.But the wolves came on, as the Winter Wolves, leaders of the Pack made their appearance.

After yet another brutal round of battle, the Winter Wolves realized that this was not a fight they would win, and there must be easier prey. They turned and fled. Leaving the rest of their pack upon the ground. And the party was able to pass the rest of the night in peace and recover before continuing their journey west.

That was the first phase of the adventure on Saturday. I really worked to make sure that I passed along the idea of a windy, cold and snowy land. I enlisted the help of Emily to do some background howls occasionally to help round out the feeling.

There was some leveling up from the last time we played to take care of first. And then the purchase of equipment and supplies for the journey. They had decided that they would return to the location where the Rangers once died.

I thought up the idea of a pack of wolves following them and eventually attacking. I thought it went very well, giving them the impression of a deserted land, with wind and snow, and a fight for food.

Overall the game went very well I thought. The group worked pretty well for the most part. And it was a fun afternoon. I will discuss the rest of the adventure in tomorrow’s post.

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