Watching the World burn #RPG #Deadlands

Luciano heard them coming down the hallway. His questioners, jailers, those who would see him locked away forever. They swore that this was the last time, never again would he be allowed out, no chance to see the sun. And for sure never be allowed to work with his precious materials.

Somehow he knew that this time would be just like the others. Another site would be found. Another foe who needed a convenient accident. Some area of a city needing to be cleaned out. They always came asking for his special talents. Especially in these days of chaos and fear. With so few managing to do what he did as well as he did.

Who else could have taken down a 5 story hotel in the middle of the day with so little damage to the surrounding area? Who else could bore a hole through a granite mountain is such a short time? Who else could create those fine bullets that ripped through the automatons of Deseret? 

The greatest minds were always surrounded by those who questioned their methods. But would be celebrated for the results. 

They had seemed especially upset this last time. He had explained that he was never told to avoid casualties. They had just asked him to clear out the shanty town, and make it look natural and accidental. Perhaps the firestorm that he created had been a little too intense this time. Or a little too thorough. But they should have told him to leave a way out, to have left a way in for the futile attempts to douse the fire. It really was not his fault that he had done what was asked. That shanty town was completely empty now, and no one would want to move back in anytime soon, not with the area still full of smoking holes.

He wondered who would come to him this time. He swore that he would be contrite, accept their deals, show true sadness for those useless, er poor people. And yes, of course, this time, he would show more consideration for witnesses, er innocent bystanders.

Another Deadlands character concept. Definitely a darker concept. I had an idea for this one a while back. Luciano is a Mad Scientist. A Mad Scientist whose specialty is explosives, demolition and arson. Whose grasp of the concept of right and wrong is shaky at best. Who just wants to watch the world burn.

This, of course, would be a great inside joke with this group. Because in our long-running Deadlands campaign in the past we were rather notorious for leaving towns in flames.

Luciano would have high levels of Loco and Outlaw. And is missing a hand from an accident during his early work with explosives. On the other hand, he would have Nerves O Steel, and Thick Skinned to reflect his ability to work with explosives.

This character would be a real challenge to play. To play someone with such a loose grasp of morality. And whose sanity would constantly be in question. The only reason I could have for playing him is if the campaign setting is darker than normal, and the other players are also playing characters of questionable morals. And he would be a real challenge for the GM because I would be setting things on fire all the time.


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