I’ll admit it, very excited for #Pathfinder

I get to play this weekend! I am excited for this week. Maybe a little too excited to be honest. The lead up to the last session was a little bit off, because of the Broncos Super Bowl planning, opening of Girl Scout cookie sales, and Jimmy getting disinvited. But none of that has been the case this week.

One of the others players and I have been strategizing for 4 weeks for this session. We have been figuring out ideas for our group. Ways to better utilize what our characters can do.

And now I have been thinking about and scheming based on the actual game scenario. Here is the situation:

The BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) is in Egypt, trying to locate and use a magic staff that will bring an unkillable tyrant and his cronies back from their prison. We are not certain where the BBEG is but we think we know where the staff is supposed to be. So we were headed that way.

Until we ran into a force of Skeletons riding undead Dire Crocodiles down the river, after turning Cairo into a dead zone. We defeated this force in a long drawn out battle. Now we continue our journey. But there are questions:

Where is the Staff supposed to be? Is it in the area of the Pyramids, or is it farther up the river in the Valley of the Kings? What side of the river are we actually on?

Because if the Staff is in the Pyramid region, near Thebes, then we just have to get to that side of the river, and we can avoid the Cairo dead zone (since it is on the Opposite bank.)

But, if the Staff is supposedly somewhere in the Valley of the Kings, near Thebes, then we have to somehow travel around the dead zone, and then make our way up the river without our barge and supplies.

As you can see I am very much into this game and I am putting a lot of thought into it. Because I am really enjoying this exciting game.

I understand that some people do not think this much about their role playing games. That for them the games are more like a poker game, show up and play and leave it behind when the game is over. That’s cool. But that is not me.

A part of this is that all these thoughts also spur my creative juices, and I start thinking about my own game that I am running. Role playing is my thing. It is what I do for fun. It is my social interaction time and also my hobby time when I am preparing for the games.

Although I do think I should almost warn anyone when they invite me into a game that I will be giving the game my all. I will plan how to develop my character, what choices I make for equipment and how I will spend my experience points. I will think about the plot and setting, try to solve the puzzles or how to defeat the BBEG. I’m not saying that I expect my GM to do the same; if I am having fun I can accept an adventure on the fly.

But it is slowly creeping into my game preparation. I am preparing deeper games. With a lot more going on than a monster of the week. I do need to temper my feelings about players who are in my games who take a less interested approach, it is not an insult to me if they look at the game as nothing more than a social outlet.

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