Here is another one for the files #RPG #Deadlands

Yes, I am here to hear your story. I want to hear all about it. I want to know everything you saw or thought you saw. Don’t be afraid that I will laugh at you. I’ve heard all the stories, read all the books about this Weird West, and I believe that some real unusual things are happening out here.

Jackalopes? Yeah I read about them, haven’t seen one yet but I am looking forward to my first one. Chupacabra? That’s a new name, but I am open to the story.

I can’t tell you who I work for. It is a secret government organization and if I told you about it I would get in serious trouble. But rest assured that I am here to uncover the truth of every story that I hear. 

What, you have heard of the Pinkertons? You have even heard the rumors that the organization is run by President Lincoln? That he came back from the dead after that man shot him? Well, I have not seen him, and while I have heard stories about the walking dead I have not yet encountered one. So, I cannot confirm or deny that story, but if I am working for a dead man, at least, it is the ghost of a great man.

But I am not here to talk about me or who I work for. I am here because the report is that there was a duel out in the street last night and that the man who was still standing took 2 shots to the chest without blinking. Does anyone know his name? Is he from around here? Anyone know where he is staying?

One of the things in Deadlands is the idea that the Pinkerton Agency is a cross between Secret Service and FBI. They act as enforcers and investigators. Definitely playing the role of the Feds in any situation where something bad has happened. Wading in with all the subtlety of any Hollywood depiction of Federal Investigators getting in the way of valiant local law enforcement.

Another side of Deadlands is the real presence of the occult and weird things happening. There have been Ghost Dancers, and Hucksters casting hexes.

Well, this character would be the Pinkerton equivalent of Fox Mulder from the X-Files. He is the believer, the investigator for whom no story is too outlandish to investigate. He is curious to a fault, and a Law Man, but a tinhorn from the East who will believe anything.

He would be a trained marksman, and nothing would faze him. And he would be here to find out if all the stories in the penny dreadfuls are real. And compiling a long dossier of files on his investigations, one that possibly implicates a shadowy conspiracy.


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