How game style influences the hero type #RPG #DND #Pathfinder

I was on vacation last week. Thus, the lack of regular posts.  After digesting the second season of Daredevil I want to talk about the different kinds of heroic role playing. Daredevil is a hero, but he is not the same type of hero as Thor. I am playing Pathfinder this coming weekend in Denver so I will get a chance to begin my transformation to a truly heroic character. That should be interesting.

In the bigger picture, it really comes down to player and GM style. To be honest, when I joined the game in Denver it had been a few years since I had done any role playing. And a much longer time since I played in anything remotely like this game style. I created a concept and then continued to build a character that is a different type of ‘heroic’ than the others. Only in the last month have I really understood that this is a more four color heroic game than I have been in in quite a while.

With all of us at 10th level, and on the verge of 11th, it is really too late to create a new character. Which means that I need to convert the one I have to be more heroic. My concept of a dirty, snake-loving half-orc ranger who prefers to poison his enemies is a great one for some campaigns. Adding cinematic elements that enhance his being a scary, intimidating figure are also fun and interesting. All of that does not fit into heroic style game like this.

It is like trying to take a Daredevil, Jessica Jones or Punisher from the Netflix series (which are great by the way) and add them to an Avengers movie. One lives in the shadows and alleyways. The others live in penthouses and bright sunlight. They can both be fun, and have an element of heroism. But they don’t really go well together.

In order for my character to be the same level of hero, he has to leave his shadows and dirt behind.

But it is not just a matter of who he is associated with, although that is a bigger part of it than you might think. When the rest of the characters are high charisma humans and sorcerers it is really hard to play the ugly, intimidating bad guy. That makes it hard for the GM.

The more important consideration is the game setting and style. We are heroes in a world plagued by an undead invasion. The Big Bad Guys are pretty much always undead of various types. Well, you cannot intimidate or poison undead, you just have to kill them. When one of the members of your party carries a sword that radiates daylight it is pretty much impossible to be sneaky and stealthy. Until I obtain the items I need to become a humanoid version of a Couatl I just have to figure out ways to make my missile fire as heroic as possible, and then when I get those items, I can finally take to the skies.

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