Stranger in a strange land #Deadlands #RPG

I come to your country to hunt. I heard tales of the great creatures, the buffalo and mountain lion. Imagine my surprise and joy when I arrive to find that there are other creatures. Great creatures like your maze crawlers, small elusive creatures like your jackalope, or dangerous creatures like you chupacabra. What more could a hunter want?

You say there is a monster nearby? One that you can take me to? Then we must go now. Do not worry about supplies, I will pay. You say you need money to help track? I will pay, just take me to where I can hunt this monster.

For I am the greatest shot in the world, and the greatest hunter, no game is too hard for me hit or kill. You say this monster shrugs off bullets? Well, that may be true for your small pistol, but not for my mighty hunting rifle, Katarina, named after one of my countries greatest leaders.

Back to my Deadlands character concepts. This is Oleg, a spoiled Russian noble, a man with far more money than smarts. But he is a truly great shot, and fearless in his attempts to hunt down the fearsome creatures of the Weird West.

This character would be played as much for comedic effect as for serious. He would be good to have around as a source of money, and is very good in a fight. But he would be obnoxious when dealing with anyone he would consider ‘lower class’.

Think the Archduke character in the movie Maverick, only a little smarter and certainly a better shot.


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