Open eyes and mind, practice, practice #DND #RPG

Let’s see, this week I have talked about the game I played, the development of my character, Walking Dead. During that time I finished one book that is part of a series of good fantasy novels that are also pretty much straight role playing stories. I then read another book about Super Heroes fighting to survive in a zombie apocalypse. That’s a lot to cover. But I view it as just an ordinary week in my world. And it all feeds one thing: my role playing hobby.

When I was on a gaming hiatus I did not give up reading my fantasy books . And when I watched movies and TV shows they still gave some ideas. I still thought about gaming, but not like I do now. Now I run one game, and am in another game, and if things go right I will be joining another game. And I have discovered that writing about gaming is something that I really enjoy, and I am ever so slowly gaining an audience for my writing.

I am a busy man, I have 3 kids and a wife who all do their part to make sure that I am never bored. There is almost always something to do around the house when I am not doing something with a child or for a child (like playing taxi driver without the income.) With all that, I have managed in the last year or two to carve out more time for my hobby than before. And now I approach everything with my eyes open.

Whenever I read, watch a movie, watch a TV show or just browse the internet it is almost always with that inner eye peeled for ideas that I can apply to role playing. All that input can create problems as my campaign and characters find themselves evolving based on my flavor of the month. But for the most part, it makes it all much better. When I compare the development of my Pathfinder character in a monthly game to characters I have had in weekly games it is day and night. And the campaign I have created, with the back story, is far better developed than anything I have run in the past.

One reason for this is that I have become far better at keeping my eyes and mind open when I watch or read. My mind has become more attuned to this. And the other reason is practice. I’ve been blogging for over 8 years now. I created this blog, which is dedicated to gaming, and have enjoyed writing in it for over a year. I’m not through yet, there is so much more to do and learn and practice.

As the boys get more experienced, or new players come to my table my game will expand and be forced to improve. When I add that second game, with a very different group and system my role playing skills will improve as well. And as I discover new books, shows, and movies my mind will only fill up with more ideas, inspiration and source material. I am looking forward to it all.

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