The Chronicles of Dayn #DND #RPG

I am Dayn Bucktooth, entertainer and tumbler extraordinary. I have many a tale to tell, but I am here today to spin the tale of my time in the Dragonwall Mountains and those brave heroes who rescued me at great danger to themselves.

I had found myself in those dread mountains in the winter for reasons that I recount for my audiences in another tale. I was wandering deeper into the mountains, following a deep canyon, when my path was blocked. His feet were huge, almost as big as your worthy narrator. He was dirty, smelly and loud. The Hill giant who was blocking my way told me that I could not pass without paying a fee. When I told him that I was without funds at the moment he laughed and said that he would then just have to eat me. I thought fast and then proclaimed that I could pay with a performance, and began my routine. I danced, capered and sang as best I could for I do not know how long. What mattered was that I kept him occupied, while his brothers began to play their own game of catch.

We were first alerted that someone was there when the brave gnome walked down the far end of the canyon, after first scorching one of the brothers with a ray of fire. The brothers responded by tossing their boulders at the poor creature, crushing him. Then I heard a bellow from one of the brothers as if someone had struck it a terrible blow. I knew that my best contribution was to keep the one in front of me occupied.

Blocked as I was I could see little of the ensuing battle. As a pair of gnomes and a dwarf attacked the giants. I did my best to keep the giants distracted, and angry so they could not muster their entire focus on the new enemy. But I did see as the gnomes and dwarf began to kill the giants. I was there when one of the gnomes fell and was able to rush and provide some minor aid for his dreadful wounds. Sadly, my healing could do nothing for the first gnome, the wizard Nisaven, who perished when struck by two boulders. But I was introduced to the other 3. The dwarf warrior Kildrak, fierce and strong, a paragon of Dwarven virtues. The gnome Sorcerer Alecto. Heartbroken over the death of her cousin, but sweet and comely despite her sorrow. The gnome maid Tyria, apparently a deadly warrior, but hiding in the guise of a jeweler. They told me of their journey through these mountains, their fights with hobgoblins, a dreadful Chimera, and deadly harpies. They had absconded with some information from the hobgoblins that indicated that they should follow the trail of more hobgoblins in search of a dwarven treasure. I chose to accompany them, for with this group I would surely learn many a new tale.

We journeyed along the path of the canyon. On the third day we spotted some hobgoblin warriors and wolves on the walls of the canyon above us, tracing our path, but not coming to face us. Undoubtedly they knew that to face this dauntless party would mean death. We marched until the canyon walls grew tall and close when we saw it. The Tower of the Blood Duke, a dwarf lord of fearsome renown, whose tales were so dark that they were only told in whispers.

Camped at the entrance of the tower was a group of hobgoblins. With the scouting of Tyria, the group came up with a plan. They approached to within rush range, and then the sorcerer used a spell to catch their tents on fire, and then dropped a cloud of fog over the entire camp. I did what I could with a shot from my crossbow, and a small spell to aid in the confusion. And then Tyria and Kildrak rushed forward, quickly dispensing of those hobgoblins standing guard. The hobgoblins quickly decided that they had had enough and fled. Their fleeing revealed another foe, the elf Ithanon, a hired killer who was in the mountains attempting to gain some bounties from the heads of hobgoblins.

As a group, we now entered the tower. The elf soon revealed her keen eye, triggering a secret door leading into the depths. She led the way but soon stepped back when a group of hobgoblins tried to prevent us from entering. But the fierce Tyria and the spells of Alecto quickly disposed of the hobgoblins. We ventured deeper into the halls. When we came across a fierce battle. A group of hobgoblins was trying to stave off the attack of what were revealed to be the skeletons of dwarven champions, revived by some dark ritual. The party at first was torn by who to fight. And struck several blows against the undead skeletons before the hobgoblins were defeated. The dwarves ignored us with the disdain of the undead and proceeded down a hallway to a closed door.

At that door, they smashed it open to reveal a room of fell darkness. The group entered singly, following the dwarven champions. We heard a commotion at the far end of the room, but no light could penetrate deep enough to reveal what was happening. My own feeble skills in magic were enough to light my way, but all they revealed was that the darkness was full of dreadful beings of evil. Specters attacked us from the darkness, falling on Tyria and me, Kildrak had already moved from sight, following the warriors. And Ithanon had also slipped into the darkness. I do not know what happened at the other end of that dreadful room. I was stuck in fear as Tyria fought off the minions of darkness. I only know that after a time, and flashes of lightning and light at the far end that Kildrak emerged from the darkness clutching a new hammer, the hammer of Ironfist. And we quickly exited the tower.


The boys campaign finally resumed. Although it appears that it is turning from an every 2 week to a monthly affair. Overall it was a good session. I did my best to narrate the action and present some challenging encounters.

I had to do some work on the fly as Jimmy’s character was killed after he cast his first spell. There is a problem arising in the group, as the tank fighter is acting like a sneak thief. The plan of action in the first battle was for the fighter to attract the attention of the giants along with the gnome wizard, but the fighter instead scurried over to cover, leaving the gnome to die as the target of 2 boulders. So Jimmy went to work making a new one and I was forced to create an opportunity for him to appear. And in the end I introduced an object that will allow me to guide the fighter to act closer to his abilities.

I introduced the NPC bard who narrated the action above. He can provide some healing and cover for the party. And it gives me a fun way to recap the party adventures when I write them up.

I am still having problems with lack of attention, and the concept of rolling the dice before telling me what they do. But I can keep working on that.


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