Being a better player: Take some pride #DND #RPG #Pathfinder

In my personal life, one of the things I dedicated myself to this year was to support and when I could obtain, things that people take pride in. And to take pride in those things I do myself. I replaced my computer bag with a handsome laptop bag made by my friend at Sidgl. Today I received a new phone case made with pride by actual people, instead of a generic plastic one. This weekend I replaced my plastic dice box with a wooden one that I decorated myself.


I have become obsessed with shows and youtube videos about blade makers. I love the show Forged in Fire. And I found a similar Youtube series. It is great to watch people who truly take pride in their work.

As a player, I take pride in my game. I take the time to learn and know the rules of the game. I know what my character can do, the rules that are involved. I pay attention to the action so I can act properly when my turn come up. I do my best to be creative and act in the moment, I try not to just roll the dice when my turn comes up. I look for a figure to paint that will help me visualize my character on the field of battle. In other words, my role playing is a craft for me, and I aim to produce a worthwhile product.

Let us say you play every week, well that is 3-4 hours of time every week. Sure, you can go at that with no preparation, walk in, roll your dice, and just enjoy the company. I am not saying there is anything intrinsically wrong with that approach to the game. This is a fun hobby, after all, we play to have fun. Players do not need to be deadly serious whenever they play, treating every throw of the dice as life or death. You are taking time in your life to play this game, so that time should be worthwhile and enjoyable.

What I am saying is that you should take pride in your role playing. It is a craft or hobby that you are taking the time to enjoy. It is not passive entertainment like watching television or watching a movie. If this was a video game or bowling, or a poker game, all more traditional group past times, you would want yourself and others to want to play better. Even if it just to keep honest about your own abilities. That is what I am asking and making a point of. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Okay, that is 10 articles on how to be a better role player. I have pretty much exhausted my own ideas for advice. I will likely go on to other types of posts for a while.

I do plan to keep up this line of thinking, though. For example, this weekend is my Pathfinder game. I plan to watch what I do, and what the other players do. And write my report on the game from that perspective. And when we get around to playing the D&D game I will report on the things that the boys do that I think are signs of improvement. If the other game ever starts up I will for sure also report on that as well.

And as I do things that I think I can use as a player I will write from this perspective. Like my painting. Or my use of other tools.


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