Now to see how I do #Pathfinder #RPG #DND

Okay, I have been spouting off for a couple of weeks here about how to role play. Giving tips on how to be a better role player. Unlike some people I am not going to say I am the best role player, but I do think I am pretty good. And as I apply some critical thinking to the practices of being a better player I think I am ready to demonstrate the skills I do have.

That makes this weekend fortuitous timing, as this weekend is my Pathfinder game. I get to dive back into the role of Viper. Admittedly where we pick up will not exactly be a great moment for snappy dialogue and verbal role playing. But it is a good opportunity for me to put some of my ideas into practice.

Rule 2: Know what you are doing

That will be a big part of the game this weekend. We are in the middle of a big boss battle, or just about to start one. Which means I will have to be on my toes about what my character is capable of. In this case, I actually have a plan. We are facing a human spellcaster and a Vampire. I have been waiting for quite a while to use one of my magic items that will allow me to shoot poisoned arrows. That has gone wasted as we keep fighting Undead. But a human spellcaster, even if he is high level, at least stands some chance of failing those saving throws. I can then follow that up with some slaying arrows. If he fails a poison save that reduces his chances of saving against the slaying. As you can see I know what I can do and how it will work.

Rule 3: Remember it is play, so be creative

This fight is taking place atop a pyramid. We are on a staircase leading up to a platform where the BBEG is. We will have to be creative to get there and make use of the terrain to win. But they are also in the middle of a ritual, and there might be a creative way to foil that ritual.

Rule 4: Pay Attention


There are 5 of us. 2 Clerics, a Paladin, a Sorcerer and a Shaman. Facing a 18th level necromancer bent on summoning an immortal Mummy king from banishment, and his Vampire bodyguard. On top of a temple, in the middle of the night. This will not be easy, and we need all focus on the task at hand in order to have any chance of destroying the bad guys. So no chance to kick back, check our phones, and wait until out turn to say: “so what do I do?”

Rule 6: Teamwork

Like I said above, there are 5 of us. And we all will need to do our part in order to accomplish the mission. Everyone need to know our job. Filling our role, and not trying to do anything more than that.

I am pretty excited about this week. I honestly have no idea how it could turn out. I even have my replacement character ready in case Viper gets possessed and turns into a vampire who has to be destroyed. Here is what I do know: it should be fun, and I am excited to see how it all turns out. Because this is not the kind of battle that will be won just by having more hit points and the ability to heal than the bad guys. Our GM is very creative and good at using the sorts of things that an 18th level necromancer would have at his command, not to mention a Vampire bodyguard. It will be a test that the Heroes of Clermont must pass!


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