I can truly pronounce this a success #Pathfinder #RPG

Friday I asked if I could do everything that I asked of anyone seeking to be a better role player. I had certain very specific items to cover. In recapping the game in my mind I can truly say that I was successful. So much so that I received the ultimate compliment.

The highlights of the session, which was short, with some silliness and fun after the fact.

Viper was very instrumental in bringing down the Big Boss. I did not waste an action in the entire combat. I came within a couple of bad dice rolls of taking down the Big Boss before he was able to flee. We all cooperated, did smart things that blew up the bad guys plan. And saved the world from the latest plan to begin another undead apocalypse.

Here was a funny thing. I began the game from last sessions cliffhanger with a lot of damage. I was really worried that I might lose Viper forever. So I had not one but two backup characters made against that possibility. Which was fortuitous but for different reasons. Because not only did Viper not get hurt during the battle, he, in fact, ended up the battle nearly at full hit points as a result of being in the area of several beneficial area healing effects.

And everything that the GM threw at me I just shrugged off, making saving throws that the other heroes failed. Which meant that for once the other members of the party were focused on trying heal each other while I was doing the damage that chased off the bad guy. The result of that was getting the ultimate compliment of the GM, he admitted to having to doctor his bad guys to be able to deal with me, not other members of the party. My Armor class, and saving throws have become a real problem for him. There are those who might think that was bad, that they are not being ‘cinematic’ enough for doing enough ‘role playing’. I think of it as playing well.

Now for a little score card:

Rule 1: Rules & Character Creation

From what I wrote above, it is clear that I deserve an A here. My character may have had some rough spots in the past, but now is a prime target. And it all comes from knowing the rules and the system.

Rule 2: Know what you are doing

This did not come into play all that much. I didn’t have to move or do much beyond stand in the back and shoot. But when we did have to deal with a potentially devastating Area of Effect attack I was able to evade the attack completely. And now I have passed that ability along to the Paladin. So another A.

Rule 6: Teamwork

We all knew what was going on. Which meant my job was simple: keep up the attacks and pressure on the bad guy. I attacked first, and just kept pressing my attacks. Only slowing down when the Priest of Thor was able to give me an advantage in my attacks. And by focusing on attacking from a distance the bad guy was not able to realize that something sneaky had happened until it was too late. Which means that we all get an A for this one as well.

I did very well. And for my success, I was rewarded with my character getting snatched up by a death god and imprisoned.Which means that for at least the next session, and possibly a few more I get to play a different character ‘helping’ the party while it attempts to rescue Viper.  That should be interesting and a real challenge as I will be playing almost completely against type.

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