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As a player and as a GM I spend a lot of time thinking about role playing. And recently I have begun to take that thought and turn it into writing. And that has made a big change to my gaming hobby. Because I have taken all the ideas that more often than not stayed in my head and am gradually learning to put them on paper.

Funny thing about this is that if you get down to brass tacks, it is all basic writing. I was listening to a podcast on Sunday on my drive to play my game. And the two guys were talking about running D&D games. And the mechanics of introducing a setting, and then setting up an encounter. One of them referenced a blog and podcast for writing tips.

Then today I was working on the boys game. Coming up with bad guys for them to run into and have to deal with. Taking a basic monster, giving them unique abilities. And then having those abilities match up with the figures I will use for them. When it struck me.

What I am doing is the same as any fictional writing. I am creating antagonists for the heroes of the story to deal with. I am using the statistics to flesh out the character of these creatures. One is at home in the desert, is a creature of that desert, and his abilities match other desert dwellers. Another is a creature of the forest, moving with ease in the growth, and attacking with speed and precision.

My work is all in outlines, character creation, and short form work right now. But it is still writing. And it is not isolated to my preparation as a GM.

I use my writing to flesh out my characters as well. When I make the character I like to start with the personality first, then move onto the other parts. And if I play a game long enough my character will grow just like a character in a story.

It is only recently that this has come out. But I have to say that this makes all the gaming over the years worthwhile. It has all been preparation and laying the groundwork for where I am now. And now I can begin to realize how to make it all come together. And tell the stories I want to tell.

Because that is what the boys game is to me. It is my story. The boys are playing characters and giving them voices, but the story is mine. I would not run the game in the same way with older, more experienced, players. But I am enjoying it in this fashion for now.



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