Oooh boy! I get to play! #Deadlands #RPG

It is official, I get to play another game soon! I would show you a picture of me doing a happy dance, but no one needs to see that, least of all me. And we are playing Deadlands, one of my favorite games and settings. My long form blog this week is devoted to my character creation process so I will not delve into that here.

I am excited to play in this game because I know the system and the setting. And I know the players. From the sound of it, the Session Zero went well. I had to miss it for family reasons. But when I join in my character will be ready. And will help round out the group.

You can look to this blog for recaps of each session. And the reports of Agent McMurphey from the so-called Weird West. I am really looking forward to delving into this character again.

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