Delving back into it, the only way I know #Deadlands #RPG

Tomorrow I will put out my very in depth commentary on the character creation process for my Deadlands character. It will become obvious that I think about this stuff a lot! Probably way more than the normal player or even GM. That is just the way I roll.

I know that I will now be carrying around the rule books for Deadlands for a couple of weeks. And looking up the rules and refreshing my knowledge of them periodically. Do I have to do this to play the game? No.

But it really is the only way I know how to play the games. I think that when I joined the Pathfinder game in Denver was really the only time I can remember when I was more or less unfamiliar with the rules for a game when I started in a really long time.

I want to know how things work. What dice I should roll and what numbers I should be rolling. I want to know what my character really can do before I try something. This can be a double edged sword when I think about it.

I know that I encourage everyone to know the rules. I think that knowing what to do makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. Every time a player asks what dice to roll and perform an action a fairy loses its wings.

That said, I have discovered from watching Critical Role that not really understanding the rules can be awfully freeing. When someone announces that they want to use a spell to do something without really knowing if the spell can that it can be fun, and encourages the use of the players imagination. Which is very important as well.

So I will need to temper this as best I can. Just because I know there is a rule I do not have to limit what I try as a player, or what the other players try. By all means try anything, so long as it fits into the story. Acting can be more fun than sitting waiting on ideas in the rules.


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