Looking forward to this one #DND #RPG

The boys campaign will finally resume this weekend. It has been difficult to maintain any schedule recently. What with the boys schedules with school, scouts, wrestling, spring break; plus our own families schedule was a little crazy with family events and holidays. So what had been an every 2-week game evolved into just once a month. But, with summer coming, we should be able to get back into the more regular schedule.

I have had this next game planned for quite a while. I will be bringing in Jimmy’s latest character (this time due to choice, not death.) And I need to have them finish this game in order to determine where they go next and where the adventures will lead them.

Because I have a plan. I will actually give the boys some small amount of agency in what they do next. I will lay out 4 options for them to choose from. It will actually be a case of 4 missions that they need to complete with no special order. It will be fun to see what they choose. And it will improve their abilities as role players to have a little more control over what they are doing.

I am also excited to implement the use of the background music and sounds using Syrinscape should be interesting. I am looking forward to seeing how this affects the boys and their play as well.


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