The Return home #DnD #RPG


The party left the tower of the Blood Duke, with the blessing of the Wraith. They rested and began to understand what power they had recovered. Kildrak discovered that he had been blessed as the new owner of Harvester of Blood, an ancient powerful weapon of renown. It began to teach Kildrak the ways of the Dwarf warrior and true heroism.

They began to travel along the canyon again. With Dayne able to lead the way they were able to navigate their way through the mountains. It took quite a while, they were in the mountains for a couple of more weeks. But the mountains were strangely empty of life. There was enough that Dayne was able to keep them fed as they traveled but it was not easy. They also came to recognize that this was a different section of the Dragonwall Mountains than the ones they had traveled before to reach the Dwarf stronghold on their earlier journey.

Somewhere along the way, the strange elf Ithanon disappeared, leaving the party. Eventually, they found that they were coming into the foothills of the Dragonwall and were north of Rosaroca and their home. As they moved lower and deeper into the forests they began to realize that they had somehow ended up east of the Sangre river, but still west of the Aguja de Plata.

And they began to come across scenes of conflict and battle. The bodies of orcs and goblins in small groups pierced by the arrows of lagarto. And some small groups of lagarto as well, killed by orcs or goblins. With all of this, the weather began to turn, the spring rains began to come every day.

Moving along the woods they smelled smoke in the spring rain and came upon a gruesome sight. In a clearing, there was a pile of lagarto bodies, surrounding a tree. And sitting at the base of the tree was a nearly naked dragonborn warrior, clutching a greatsword, and seemingly dead. Closer examination revealed that the warrior was in fact still alive. After some aid, the warrior awoke and healed enough to tell his story.

With the end of winter coming, the Count decided that it was time to take control of the Aguja de Plata, and its tunnels. So he gathered his bodyguard, his elite warriors, and the Ranger Corps and went there.
The group moved into the tower and systematically cleared each level. Finally, they moved into the little tunnels where the Skaven had come from. Scout was actually the leader that day, crawling through the narrow tunnels until they reached the larger caverns.
The Count now led the way, as they moved into the area the Skaven had been using as a staging area. The majority of the soldiers were there with him when the wall of the cavern disappeared and a horde of the rats surged forth to attack. The Skaven had cleverly laid an ambush with the use of illusionary magic!
Hexrath rallied the Band around the Count. But they were outnumbered, and when the Rat Ogres appeared the shield wall was doomed. The Count grabbed Scout, told him that he had one last mission. He was to escape, using his speed and agility. Escape and return to the Keep and warn them of what was waiting in the tunnels. Scout turned to leave and saw a massive creature reach out and grab Hexrath by the throat. This was no Rat Ogre, it was a creature of nightmares. Hexrath dropped his mighty sword as the breath left his body. Scout grabbed the sword and obeyed his final order, leaping and running through the mass of bodies. Leaving a path of blood and scorched bodies as the flames of the sword cast a fearsome light.
Scout did not quite remember his flight from the cavern, or his crawling through the tunnels to escape. He finally emerged in the dark basement of the tower. And made his way up to the entrance, only to be greeted by an even stranger sight.
The supply wagon and rearguard of the Count’s force were under attack and burning. At first, he did not recognize the foe, assuming it was more of the rat creatures. But then he saw that it was Lagarto. Only they were joined by creatures he had never seen before. There were the small Lagarto riding on large lizards, using them as mounts. And there was an even large lizard creature on its hind legs, with an even larger Lagarto riding it.
Scout wished to fight, to die a glorious death. But the imperative of his final orders took precedence. He must get to the Keep. So he fled into the forest. He soon found that there were more of the Lagarto scattered all over the forest. And a large force had reached the town and destroyed it. Laying siege to the Keep.
With no visible way to the Keep, Scout began a lonely existence in the forest. Dodging larger packs of Lagarto, but attacking smaller groups when he could for food. Eventually, he became the hunted, chased by packs of Lagarto, doomed to never complete his mission. After a month of this existence, he was seemingly cornered, down to his last reserves of energy. He fought the Lagarto until he collapsed, leaving a pile of bodies, and the surrounding brush on fire as a spring storm began. His last memory was sliding to a rest, with his sword held in front of him, his back to a large tree.
Recovering, the party welcomed the addition of Nefreihn and began to travel south. With Tyria scouting ahead. When Tyria located a group of lagarto patrolling ahead. The lagarto spotted her as well and began to shoot. The group rushed to attack, even as Tyria yelled that there are more of them out there.
The ensuing battle was fierce. Nefreihn proved his power, hacking the creatures he faced, but unable to kill any. Tyria danced around the fray dashing in to kill one of the gigante lagarto. Before getting knocked out herself by one of the cierto lagarto warriors. Kildrak employed the powers of the Harvester to great effect, destroying many creatures. The cierto lagarto warriors tried to flee but were chased down by the fleet Nefreihn and Tyria.
The party recuperated and then carefully made their way to the edge of woods, facing the remains of the town. And waited for the rains to begin to approach the town. As there was a camp of the lagarto in the town, but not guarding the entrance to the Keep. Using their arcane abilities to make Dayne and Kildrak invisible the party began to quietly traverse the ground to the town. They had almost reached the town when Nefreihn stumbled on a metal bucket, arousing the guards in the camp.
At that point, it became a race to the keep walls. Nefreihn and Tyria reached the wall, and the gnomes began to climb up the ropes. Nefreihn remained at the base of the wall to try and keep a space for the incoming Dayne and Kildrak. Which meant he alone had to face the attacks of a group of large lizards with lagarto riders. He began to get targeted by their arrows and one of the lizards attacked him, biting him. He countered fiercely, chopping its head off.
At that moment a giant appeared in the town, roaring fiercely. The lagarto turned their attention to the giant, firing arrows. Kildrak emerged from the shadows at a dead run and began to climb the wall, joining the rest of the party. Eventually, after things calmed down, Dayne emerged from one of the building as well, chuckling at the gullibility of the lagarto. And the last member of the party arrived in the Keep of Rosaroca, to hear the tale of the coming of the lagarto.
The Lagarto came in a massive horde right after the Solstice. Not only were there Lagarto they had seen before, and the Cierto and Gigante. But there were strange new creatures. There were Lagarto riding large lizards. And there were flying lizards. And there were a few even larger creatures. They came in a pack, that swept around the Keep, burned the town, and swept east into the forest and south. They left a large camp in the old town.
There are other camps and patrols in the forest. The ones in the town do not keep a real tight stranglehold on the Keep. Some members of the Ranger Corps have been able to get in and out under cover of darkness. No one in the Keep knows what happened to the Count and the Marshal, they had assembled a force to deal with a Skaven attack out of the Tower caverns. It is hoped that they have gone underground and are holding out there. There has been no word from the Rosada Elves or the Dwarves. That is not unusual for the Dwarves as they often do not venture out of the mountains until later in the spring.
At this point, there are a couple of hundred people in the Keep. They have enough supplies to last at least 6 months. No one knows what the Lagarto plans are, they have chosen not to communicate or negotiate. The party is the toughest group in the Keep. There is a small contingent of the Dragonborn guard. And the citizen soldiers. The Vizier is only the equal of Alecto in magical abilities and the Father is only a little bit above them but is only a healer. The Vizier is now in charge, assuming the Count is dead, and none of the Count’s children are old enough for command yet.

We had a good session for the most part. Jimmy’s new character was a welcome addition to the team. The addition of the sounds from the Syrinscape application was fun.

There were some problems with the boys. Playing as intermittently as we have been made things a little difficult. Getting and holding the attention of the players was a little tricky at times. I hope that if we can regain some regular gaming that they might be a little calmer with future games. That remains to be seen.


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