More thoughts on Zendikar #RPG DnD #MtG

I mentioned yesterday about looking at this for a potential campaign for the boys. I know that the book is coming soon. I also bounced the idea off Jimmy last night. He seemed interested in it.

I went out and downloaded some of the art for wallpaper for my computer yesterday. That is my way of getting ideas and insight into a setting. Kind of inspiration by osmosis. And in looking at a couple of these I have a lot of ideas for how it could be a unique setting.


This, for example, I do not really know what is going on in that picture as far as the actual setting. But looking at that is a real inspiration as a GM. It brings to mind the setting for the first GURPS game I ever played.

Thinking about that from a role playing perspective. Imagine that as a part of a campaign setting. A place where the land is somehow floating in the air. And there are ruins or even settlements in those ‘islands’. It becomes a place where the players have to travel to and in. Obviously, they would need to figure out how to fly or climb or some combination of the two. Or a cavern or dungeon adventure where the hallway they are being pursued down suddenly opens up into the air.


I am not necessarily one for doing great urban adventures. But if the location was a castle like that? Even I could possibly come up with some adventures if the location started like this.


And there are a lot of wild locations in this setting. With a lot of potential for chaotic beasts that have not been encountered before. Which is a good thing for a setting, because it would help keep the players on their toes.

As you can see there is great potential here. I am looking forward to getting the book and working more on the setting.


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