How would I like to do this? #DND #RPG #MtG

Since the boys have a real hard time grasping rules 3 & 4 I am trying to think of ways to improve my game. I know part of it is experience and teenage ADD going on. That they are not able to focus for that long anyway. But I still think there are things I can do to improve what I do.

And I have one idea for a way to improve the overall campaign. A couple of weeks ago Wizards of the Coast made what could be a really big announcement depending on what they do to follow it up.

Plane Shift: Zendikar

They announced a rough outline of one of the planes from the card game Magic the Gathering with rules for D&D 5E. I think that this is really cool, and has a lot of potential for campaigns. I have always enjoyed Magic the Gathering as a game, even if I find the constant trading and battling for deck supremacy annoying.

But I have always enjoyed the settings that they use to support the game. The art and the little snippets that they have on every card are very cool. They would make great settings for role playing games. So I think that this announcement has a chance to make for a great setting.

So based on all that, when I saw that announcement I jumped right on it and downloaded the file. And now I have on order a book that goes much deeper into the world of Zendikar. I think that between the book and the file I would have all I need to work with in running a game in this world.

Now I have to figure out how to make that bridge for the game. I do not think the boys want to start over again, and I don’t want to either. I am working on this in the back of my head these days. I have some thoughts. I just want to make it fun and yet fit into what I have already done.

I do think that running a game in this world would help capture the boys attention. And that is one of the goals for the campaign. I need to get the book and figure out the game first. But that is my current goal and idea.

It will mean giving up on my current homebrew campaign. But if I do it right there is no reason the boys could not possibly return. And if it captures more of their imagination to play in a different setting then it would be worth it.

I talked a little more about the setting in this post. With some pictures of the setting, and how they gave me inspiration and more ideas.  In all honesty, this will still be a homebrew to some extent. Because it is not like the file from Wizards does a lot of work in creating the setting. And the book I am getting is not an official D&D book, it is an art book with descriptions in it to work from.

Now I also have something fun to write about. I look forward to really digging into coming up with a good setting.

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