Gotta be realistic #DND #RPG #MtG #Zendikar

Why Zendikar you might ask? That is if you have been reading my blog this week, which is not very many of you based on my stats. Anyway, if you ask that question, why am I looking to change locations and things for my campaign? Well, it comes down to being realistic, realistic about the capabilities and interests of the boys.

I would like to run a complex campaign. Have multiple threats and bad guys. Have the players spend their time running all over the place trying to put out fires. Be concerned about politics. Worry if they are killing the right people and monsters. At the very least have adventures with more at stake than just find the bad guy, kill them, loot their bodies.

But the boys are not up to that sort of game. I have been working hard to make this game as close as I can to that kind of adventure. But it is clear that they are at minimum not paying attention to it. And are definitely not concerned about the bigger picture of what is really happening. There are no questions being asked. No one seems to wonder what happened to the guys from the other human empire they encountered. Or why the mountains that were supposedly uninhabited are now full of Hobgoblins. Or why the lagarto migrated in a mass group into their home county. I have woven what I think is a really cool web of story lines and the group just doesn’t care.

So I have to be realistic about that. The boys are maybe a little bit beyond being simple murder hoboes. But not by much. When I read about the Zendikar setting I was intrigued. And the more I read about this setting the more I think it will fit the boys.


That looks like a place where there can be lots of adventures. A lot of places to explore. And full of bad things to kill. But lots of ruins full of treasure. With no intrigue or empires or armies.

Looking through the book, reading more and more I am full of ideas. More importantly, I will be able to just show the boys pictures of what they are fighting, and where they are. Because that will also help them.

It is a compromise, I know. I am just being realistic about the kind of campaign I can run with the boys.


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