Thinking through some options #DnD #RPG #MtG #Zendikar

In working through my ideas for taking the campaign to Zendikar one of the big concerns is how to adapt magic. Because D&D 5E does not use a magic system at all like the Magic in the card game. I have no problem leaving the existing spell classes like they are and just letting them cast magic as any of the existing D&D classes. That makes things simple for everyone. Except for one class.

Sorcerers are a little problematic in my view. But in this setting, I think that what is called for is a different Sorcerer bloodline. This would be similar to what people have done in creating an Elemental sorcerer bloodline like the one in Pathfinder. Which I think is a good starting point.

The basics of the Sorcerer class would remain the same; like they are with the Dragon blood and Wild magic ones. And then grant abilities at certain levels. Each of the abilities would match up to Color Mana from Magic: Black, Blue, Red, Green, White. I have been trying to think through this, and I think the best source for abilities that line up with the effects of the color magic would be Cleric Domains. For example, I would use the powers of the Life Domain to match up to the White Mana. I would start with additional spells at certain levels:

Sorcerer Level  Spells

1st: Bless, Cure Wounds

3rd: Lesser restoration, Spiritual Weapon

5th: Beacon of Hope, Revivify

7th: Death Ward, Guardian of Faith

9th: Mass Cure Wounds, Raise Dead

These would be spells that the Sorcerer would get at those levels that would not count against the normal Sorcerer spells. As you can see that for certain of these that would grant some spells that a Sorcerer would never have access to. And then there are certain powers to be granted at levels:

1st: Disciple of Life, healing spells work better, gain an additional 2+spell level hit points.

6th: Blessed Healer, the healing spells you cast on others affect you as well. You regain 2+spell level hit points when you cast a healing spell on others.

14th: Divine Strike, Once a turn when you hit a creature with a melee attack you deal additional 1D8 radiant damage.

18th: Supreme Healing, When you roll for healing you instead get the maximum available on the hit dice.

The powers are not overwhelming, but the addition of those spells to the normal Sorcerer spell list is a big bonus on its own. It is not meant to make an overwhelming class choice. And some of the others might be more attractive. Here are the Cleric domains I would use to match up with the different Mana color types.

Black: Death Domain

Blue: Tempest Domain

Green: Nature Domain

Red: Light Domain

What do you all think? Is this a good idea? Should I just leave things alone? Should I not even try to mimic the effects of the card game?


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