Time to praise what has been maligned #MtG

We had the boys over this weekend to play D&D. The game was going very well. We were having a great time. And then we cut the game short as people began arriving at our house for our Memorial Day cookout. Which was disappointing but we made up for it. Because Jimmy decided to break out his Magic cards this weekend.

He and the boys had a good time making up new decks to play with and played a couple of games. My nephew was around most of the weekend. He listened to our game. And then he jumped in when the boys began playing Magic. He was given a large collection for Xmas but had never really had the chance to learn the game, or find out how to make decks.

Jimmy sat down with him and helped him make a deck and ran through a quick game or two. Then he jumped in with the big boys when they had their big game. He was very excited about it and picked up the game pretty quick. The next day the kids and later myself went to another gathering, and they had their cards with them. They enjoyed playing, and Danny got into it as well. And I even joined in to help Danny.

Which meant that I had to dust off my collection when we got home. I also pulled out the small amount of cards that Danny had received as a present for Xmas a few years ago. He was able to use that deck with the other boys and join in with the fun. Even Emily decided that she wanted to learn how to play. So I sat down and ran her through a simple game. And she was able to use one of my pre-made decks to play with the boys. They even managed to talk me into playing one massive game with them.

Which is funny timing. With my having been working on the creation of the campaign setting for D&D in the Zendikar plane from Magic. I have been thinking a lot about Magic recently. When I received the Art of Magic book the other day I was showing it to some co-workers. We talked about the game. With them sharing their negative views of the game.

That is the thing about Magic. I have been playing it off and on since it first came out. I have always enjoyed playing it. It is a great game in my opinion. But the collectible nature of it, the endless additions to the game, has made it hard to be a regular player. Because it becomes an arms race to always keep up with the new sets, and get the newest and greatest cards. That element ruined the game for a lot of people and kept me out of it for a long time.

But, in watching the boys play it, Jimmy having returned to it and the young boys for the first time, I was reminded what a fun game it is. In my view, the game play is a very interesting. If you can avoid the competitive collectors, those who do everything they can to build the best and most lethal decks, I highly recommend it.


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