A little fiction #MtG #Zendikar #DnD


Gelzfreen peered out from the bushes at the edge of the cliff. The birds had been disturbed by something out there. He was not sure what had done it, he had not heard or sensed anything. He did his best to stay quiet and still. Here in the rainforest one had to be very careful.

He was out here on yet another search. The Falls had proven to be a rich hunting ground for artifacts. Last time he had come out here he had found an ancient scope of far-seeing. That had earned him some welcome shinies and a good sturdy set of climbing hooks, Kor made.

Ah, there was another of the mystic rocks. Old Sage Kazari named them Hedrons. Gelzfreen didn’t care what they were called, what he did know was that you usually found good stuff around them. Especially ones like this, that were part of the earth now. That meant they usually part of a larger structure. Digging out those structures almost always led to really good stuff.

He began to creep quietly out on the ledge to the rock. As he crept ever closer, through the high grass. He almost didn’t see the creature in the high branches of the yeltre tree. But his sense of smell warned him. He stopped, raised his spear, and took aim into the tree. And threw it true, catching the snapping Gnarlid in mid-leap as it sprang from the tree at him.

He leaped upon the creature and stabbed it in the throat. Finishing it off. Well then, if he could just find some trinket in the rocks around the stone this would be a great day indeed. 

One of the cool things about working from the established setting of the Magic plane of Zendikar for the game is that I can pull from a lot of material. I can use images for inspiration like this. And then I can use the creatures from the cards as more source material.

I am definitely looking forward to crafting this adventure. There is so much to work with.


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