Guys, check out this awesome site! #DnD #Pathfinder #RPG

I was browsing the web yesterday, thinking about how much my games are going to change when I take the boys to Zendikar. One of the things I plan to do more of is some underground exploration. Which makes sense in that setting because so much of what the boys will be doing is exploring old ruins in search of arcane artifacts. I did a search on the web for some tools for making dungeon maps. One I had found before, that was interesting but not really what I wanted. Then I found this site:


With the discovery of this site, my job as a GM will change dramatically. While I am not the type to run pre-made adventures, this is different. There are so many options available. This site contains an amazing wealth of tools.

There are random name generators, for fantasy, science fiction, elvish and dwarven characters. Name generators for Inns and towns.There are random generators for worlds and adventures. That is all incredibly useful for me.

Last of all, there are random generators for dungeons. We are talking about random maps. It also will populate the dungeon for you, with monsters, traps, and even treasure! They are even scalable to the size and power of the party, so I do not have to spend much time doing all of that mental work. There is even an option of creating the encounters without the dungeon if you want.

I cannot tell you how much of a relief this can be for me. I can still craft my larger story around all of this. And alter and edit the dungeon to fit that story if I need to. That takes a lot of the drudgery out of my preparation. So I can focus on writing the rest of the adventures.

Another great thing about this is if you should find yourself in a place where you need to come up with an adventure on the fly. Say you have a group of people who want to play a quick one-shot game, but don’t have an adventure ready, what do you do? This site is a perfect option. They are not the most sophisticated adventures. But they would certainly do for a simple night.



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