Immersion, that is the weekend plan #DND #RPG

This will be the weekend of role playing and generally geeky pursuits. I plan to immerse myself, and let my Geek Flag fly!


I never played the game, nor do I plan to start. My son and his buddies have also never played it, and I do not think they plan to play it. But, we are all familiar with the general concept of Warcraft. It is a fantasy world, not unlike many D&D settings. It utilizes many of the tropes of D&D.

Which meant that when the timing of the opening weekend of the movie was the same day that we are playing D&D I thought it would be cool to combine the two. I plan to take the boys to the movie in the morning. And then return and play D&D. I have hopes that it will inspire a little better role playing and immersion for the boys.

I know the reviews have been pitiless. Crushing the movie in general. But I do not generally care about reviews when it comes to movies like this. Because I am going to be entertained and enjoy the scenes and scenery, not for great drama.


Like I said, after the movie we will head home and play. I hope to continue my use of the available tools. And put into more of the ideas I have learned in the last month or so from watching Critical Role, and articles from TheAngryGM.

This will also be a test for one of the boys who took some time off to figure out how to be more respectful and enjoy the role playing instead of screwing around. I expect a certain amount of teenage ADD. But this had reached the point of no return so he ended up taking a session off.


If a Saturday spent watching a movie and then running a game was not enough, Sunday is my Pathfinder game. It has been a little extra time between games due to scheduling changes. Which means I am more than a little bit excited about the game.

On top of that, I will have the challenge of playing a different interim character. Viper was taken prisoner by the Deck of Many Things last time. Which means that I will be using one of my backup characters for a session or two while the party tries to rescue Viper. That will bring some additional challenge to the session.

There you have it, two games and a movie that is purely aimed at geeks like myself. I could barely ask for more. Except of course spending Sunday night with Game of Thrones to top things off! Yep that Geek Flag will be flying high this weekend!


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