Fresh food for thought #DnD #Pathfinder #RPG #Movies

This weekend was fun. And it provided me with a lot to think about for my hobbies. I watched movies and shows. I ran a game. I played in a game. I will be going more into detail on each of these in posts later this week. For now, I just want to discuss some ideas that came into my mind.

I did not set out to run a Total Party Kill on Saturday. That is what I ended up with. But I think the game went well despite that. There was not a lot of complaining or accusations of my having done this on purpose. I do have a decent place setting however for the group to start in a different setting. The most important part was that the group did play well for the most part. I think that the start over will help as this way the boys may be playing characters that are more suited to what they want to do.

I enjoyed the Warcraft movie. I understand why those who were looking for something different might not have enjoyed it. There were more than a few places where the plot jumped. It was, however, exactly what I wanted out of it. There was plenty of cool fantasy action. Great imagery. Best of all, there was a lot I could use as a reference point when I run games for the boys. I can call back to the movie to explain what something looks like.

My Denver game was a refreshing change. There was not a lot of action. We had one battle that ended rather quickly when we realized we were seriously outgunned. I did have a lot of fun with my role playing my temporary character. I created a lot of havoc and set more than a few things up for the GM to use in the coming adventure. It was very different.

I now have a lot to think about. There is a campaign to plan. I have ideas for other things that are spinning in my head. It was a very inspiring weekend, giving me a lot of ideas to work with.

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