A report to the Don #DND #RPG #Pathfinder

Hey Boss,

Just reporting in as requested. I attached myself to the Heroes of Clermont like you told me. They fell for the story that I was not happy with my standing in the organization and I am here to help them. Or at least the part that I joined them to help free the Ranger so they could go back to earning proper.

Like you hoped they went back to their home base before beginning their quest. Let me tell you, this Clermont area is ripe for the picking. It is rich with people and goods. A lot of rich people have been moving here. Plus it is the frontier town where a lot of ‘adventurers’ like this group come back to after exploring the dead zones.

That means there is construction. New shops. And a lot of trade and merchant caravans. There are a lot of potential sources of income for the organization.  With a lot of merchant guards looking for entertainment as they pass through.

The best part is that the Count is completely focused outward, worried about the Undead threats. He does not have the time or energy to worry about us moving in and making a living off all these rubes.

I know it is your call, but I have already gotten the ball rolling with a recommendation that Louie look at a certain jewelry shop to start. And one of these so-called heroes will be joining the next round of competition for a slot in the organization.

I will continue to keep my eyes open. Although we are headed to the Abyss next, which I recall is a protected zone. But if I see an opportunity for the organization I will let you know.

My Pathfinder game can get a little strange once in a while. The GM has a rather ingenious way of soaking up surplus magic items and treasure from the party. Quite some time ago in an earlier game, he came up with the idea that the Githyanki were a kind of inter-planar Mafia organization. And they make money selling ‘insurance’ to Adventurers. Basically, it is a protection racket forcing the party to give up a portion of their treasure.

On top of that, there is a location in the Planes called Khazad Vegas, which is run by the Mob. And while you can buy or sell any magic item you want there it has other attractions. One of which is the use of the Deck of Many Things as a kind of Casino Game, with people betting on the results. Those results can also drive adventures. Like the one we are on right now, having to rescue a party member who drew the Imprison card from the deck.

I mentioned that I was playing an alternate character, well I am playing a member of the mob who is there until my character can be rescued. And what I wrote above is a summation of her experience from the first adventure. It was a lot of fun, wandering into the shop belonging to one of the party members and making comments like ‘this is a nice shop, it would be a shame if something happened to it’ or ‘you got a lot of construction planned, it would suck if there were delays in the work.’

I don’t want to play that character for long. Playing a bad guy gets to me after a while. But it is nice for a change.


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