Using what I gave them #DnD #Zendikar #Warcraft #RPG

I took the boys to see Warcraft the movie for a number of reasons. I thought it would be a fun movie (I was right.) I thought it would be nice to give them more of a frame of reference when it came to playing the game. But there was an unexpected benefit that I intend to use a lot.

In the Warcraft movie apparently there is a race called the Fell. They are apparently an evil race that goes from planet to planet killing and eating everything that is alive. Slowly sapping up all the energy on a planet before moving on. A little more reading on the subject actually reveals that this is actually a race of demons. But the important thing is this: they suck the life from everything and destroy life on a planet. That is the takeaway I need.

Because in the world of Zendikar, there is something similar, the Eldrazi. The Eldrazi are huge monstrous creatures that wander from plane to plane, killing and destroying everything in their path. They were imprisoned on Zendikar by Planeswalkers who could not kill them. And then they broke free and began destroying everything.

The main Eldrazi are apparently satiated at the moment, and gathering enough strength to leave Zendikar and begin to rampage onto other planes. But they have numerous minions out there that are simply implements of destruction. These are out there, causing trouble, and destroying what they can.

This is all important for my campaign. Because this means that I have an overwhelming evil force for the players to contend with. And a constant source of struggle. Which means I should never be at a loss for opponents for the party.

To bring this back to the movie. I can now use all of this to provide a frame of reference. When I need to explain to the boys the idea behind the Eldrazi, and how they are constantly destroying all living things, I can refer back to specific scenes in the movie. That will be extremely helpful to me and them.

And this makes me more hopeful about this new campaign. One of the hardest things to when running a campaign is to get the players to buy into your vision. With more experienced players this is a little easier. But with new players, especially young people, it is not as simple. I cannot just say it is a set of ruins. They need more information.

On the other hand, that does make it easier for me to surprise them with different monsters. There is less of a chance of describing a creature to them and having them say: ‘oh that is monster X, who is resistant to slashing weapons, but vulnerable to bludgeoning, but resists fire spells.’ So I will count my blessings on that front. Especially going into a new sandbox where I can tinker so much with the monsters anyway.



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