Even the best group needs some action #DnD #RPG #Criticalrole

Last night I stayed up late to watch all of Critical Role. Which was not easy, given that they started late due to travel. That meant I was getting to sleep around 12:30 AM. Made me wish there was a way to DVR internet shows, although I know that would disrupt the economic model. I did enjoy the episode. There was a lot of good player interaction and great character development.

I am in awe of Matthew Mercer’s skill as a GM for pulling NPC’s completely out of his ass. And I will never think of the Sun Tree the same way again. That said I do have a general comment, but since it is a bit of a spoiler I will warn folks and use the Read More tag.

I realize that there are a lot of different styles of role playing. In my own current games, I range from the murder hobo style of the boys game to the cerebral mystery work of my Deadlands game. There is a lot of room to maneuver there.

Of course, there should be some room for the story to progress and grow. For the characters and the NPC’s to do their thing. And drive the overall game. For some players, that is what makes it fun.

But, after 2 sessions of this, it is clear that even the best players need some action. I was really feeling for Grog and Scanlon last night after about the halfway point. It was clear that they were getting more than a little tired of the soap opera and tortured character stories.

I for one was very thankful for the cliffhanger ending because it promises action to start with. It will be tough for me to resist another late night next week just to see what happens.

But I am not just speaking for Critical Role. Our Pathfinder game has now had 2 sessions with limited combat. We had a big fight this last week, but it was so overwhelming that we turned tail and ran before the first round was over. And the session before began with a fight against the big bad that actually ended relatively quickly.

I just think that people play these games for the chance to act out a little. They do not have to be murder hoboes, but it is nice to at least roll the dice, cast some spells, and do something beyond talking.

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