In a real happy place #DnD #RPG #Deadlands

Tonight I get to return to the Deadlands campaign. I am happy to get to this. I am also looking forward to playing a different style game. I am definitely in a happy place as far as my role playing right now.

If I want to murder hobo, and just visit strange and exotic new lands, meet strange and exotic new people and creatures I have our Pathfinder game. If I want to be in charge and craft wondrous adventures and play with the many monsters that are out there I can run D&D for the boys. And if I want some more mature, quiet, investigative work then I have my Deadlands game.

That is a pretty great space to be in. I should never be bored with doing the same thing over and over and over again. Be it wandering from one location to the next, killing or destroying everything there. Or throwing darts at the list of monsters from the Monster Manual to see what monsters the boys will face this week. Or if I want to be cautious, almost never use a weapon, and only kill as a last result.

In an ideal world with the ultimate GM and a great group, you could get all of that from the same campaign. Critical Role seems to do that for the most part. But that is a very rare thing in my experience. My experience is that things usually work very differently. Which is why I am happy with my options now.

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