The case of 2 young lovers #RPG #Deadlands

Still in pursuit of Chadwick Brothers Gang STOP Please look into El Diablo Trading STOP Provided illicit supplies to Chadwick et al STOP Pursuit continues west to Deseret STOP

My pursuit of the Chadwick brothers gang and their theft of materials from the Wasatch Railway Company continues. After a nights rest out of doors, we followed their trail west until we came to the rather curious town of Briar Gulch.

The town was affected by a localized storm of sorts that took the form of 2 large dust devils that appeared each night. The wind force was strong enough to lift and carry buckboard wagons and other large items like rain barrels. When we arrived this phenomenon had been going on for five nights. It was also clear that the buildings of the town could not take another night or more of the sustained attacks.

I took it upon myself to investigate the matter. I had the continued assistance of the two people from the train. Although it is still unclear what role they are playing I shall keep them as seconded to my investigations until informed differently.

We spent the day looking into the events in the town. Focusing on the deaths of two young people. After much talk to numerous folk, and some investigation of their rather mysterious death I was able to piece together a rough timeline of events.

Sometime in the past the town’s undertaker, a Hollis Wilcox, who also served as the local physician, had become infatuated with the young lady. The now deceased Daisy Pettigrew. As an older married man, this infatuation on the part of Mr. Wilcox was neither welcomed or returned by Ms. Pettigrew.

More recently Mr. Wilcox engaged the services of the young man, Mr. Ronnie Shaw. Asking for materials he could turn into his stock in trade. When the material did not meet the requested specifications Mr. Wilcox refused to pay. At which point Mr. Shaw responded by simply burning what he had created. It is unclear if the resulting ill will was compounded by the very public courtship of Mr. Shaw and Ms. Pettigrew, or if the ill will existed beforehand.

This brings us to the events of a week ago. The young couple had gone for a ride and picnic on their buckboard wagon. On this ride the wagon was overturned, throwing the young couple from the wagon and breaking their necks. It was left to Mr. Wilcox to perform his professional duties as town undertaker.

While no one noticed it at the time, apparently Mr. Wilcox did not handle his duties properly. This led to the spirits of the young people being unable to rest properly. Their restlessness manifested in the large dust devils that plagued the town.

I was able to piece this together over the course of the days investigation. As the storm began I chose to go to the Wilcox household to confront them with the facts of their conduct. Given the urgency of the storm, I deemed it necessary to make a forced entry. In the process, I was knocked on the head and lost consciousness. I came to as the Wilcox’s were trying to throw me out into the storm. I was forced to draw my weapon. The storm at that point picked up in intensity and drew both the husband and wife out of the building and into the storm.

At this point, the storm ceased. A trip to the cemetery revealed that the graves of the young couple were now freshly cleaned up. The spirits of the young couple were now at rest. Ending their reign of terror over the town. The bodies of the Wilcox family were not found.

Questions remain. Who attacked the young couple in their wagon originally? It had to be someone or something strong enough to lift the buckboard wagon. The attack took place on land claimed by the Hellstromme mining company, was there a warning there? Unfortunately, the matter of the pursuit of the Chadwick brother gang takes precedence over these questions, so they will remain unanswered for now. I will just have to rest easy knowing that the spirits of the two young lovers are now at rest and the peace of the town is restored.



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