When you become one #DND #RPG #Deadlands

The past two role playing sessions I have had the pleasure of playing in I have been able to show off by becoming one with my character. That is truly when role playing is the most fun as a player. And why being a GM can be difficult for some people.

In my last Pathfinder game, I ran a temporary character. The character I played is a member of the Mob and is assigned to the party to help them retrieve my normal character. But for this last session and the next couple of sessions I had the chance to role play as someone I almost never get to play: a connected mafia type. One of my many pleasures has been a life long interest in organized crime. I soak up mafia type movies all the time. I am a sucker for the History Channel shows on the Mafia. And one of the few non-fiction type of books I do read will often have something to do with organized crime. I have no good reason for this interest, it is not part of my life or even my heritage. I just find it interesting.

I do not like to play bad guys as a rule. I want to play heroic characters. I just do not enjoy playing the bad guy for too long (as the player, not as the GM.) But I really enjoyed doing this as a one-off type of scenario. I know I will not be playing this role for long. But because of my knowledge of the character type and everything I discussed above, I was able to step into the role very easily. I was even scaring the other players a little bit with how my character was posing potential problems. The gnome sorcerers family jewelry shop getting marked for ‘protection’. Discussing construction ‘delays’ for the Priest’s Stronghold. I really became one with the character.

Last night for my Deadlands game I had the chance to really dive into my character concept. I am playing a Pinkerton Agent, who is just a little too curious and prone to falling for the most exotic explanations of an issue. I envisioned a variation on Fox Mulder from the X-Files. I do not know if it was on purpose but last night’s session fell perfectly into that kind of mystery session. With a lot of time spent in interviews, and coming to oddball conclusions.

And the final scene was almost straight out of an X-Files episode. As my character went head first into the house of the bad guys, without backup, because he suspected something strange. And then was able to luck into solving the problem by doing so. As the restless vengeful spirits that had been harassing the town claimed the bad guys and were able to rest easier, thus saving the town. It was really cool and very satisfying as a player.

Both games were great examples of being able to portray the character I created pretty much exactly the way I  imagined them. That does not happen often enough. And really feels great when it does happen.

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