Taking a tip, I am challenging myself #DnD #RPG #CriticalRole

I did not watch last night’s entire episode, I only made it to the break for Critical Role. But there was one moment that really stood out. I will describe it as best I can without going into the details. At one moment the party was able to get an NPC to identify their magic items. And one of them found out that one of his items had an ability they didn’t even know about. And then figured out that this ability was something that only recently ‘awakened’ due to changes in the character. The thing about all of this, and what it means to me is that I am challenging myself with the new campaign for the boys.

I had already decided that I would give each of the party members a unique magic item to start with since they are starting at 7th level. The other night, as Jimmy was beginning to work on his character he asked me if his character could have a certain weapon. The more that I thought about that the cooler it became in my mind. Bearing in mind that this takes place in the world of Zendikar. One of the races unique to the setting is the Kor, and the members of that race are known to spend their time in the mountains and the flying mountains of that setting. The Kor grow up in the mountains, and are all great climbers, are almost like Spiderman. So I came up with this:

Chain of the Kor

This is a length of rope that is actually made of some unknown metallic material. At one end there is a short handle ending in a very sharp spear tip. On the other end is a heavy ball of some hard substance. It is impossible to see how the rope joins to the items on either end.

The rope is normally 10 feet in length. But at a command it can grow in length up to 60 feet. The spear tip can ably be driven into almost any material and will hold very well, allowing the rope to be used for climbing over a number of distances and surfaces.

The spear end is a +1 piercing weapon. It can be thrown up to 30 feet accurately and then retrieved in the same round as a bonus action.

The ball end acts as a flail in combat. It adds an additional +2 to the bludgeoning damage, and counts as a magical weapon.

The Chain can be wielded by a person with the two weapon fighting style and allow them two different attacks. The spear cannot be thrown and retrieved in this situation.

This is the challenge I am taking on with this campaign. Except for the most mundane of magic items, like scrolls and potions, the magic items that the players will find and use will be special in this campaign. Which matches the setting where the players are going out to locate and retrieve ancient items in deserted ruins.

Which I think fits in the spirit of 5th Edition D&D. Where treasure items are not something that people produce. There is not so much an economy of enchanters out there producing items for adventurers. The world of Zendikar is far too much of a world of wilderness and unsettled life for that kind of economy to arise. So if you want a new item you have to go out and hope to find it.

I am excited by this. It should be interesting.


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