Life is too short for a bad book #Writing #Reading

As someone who does not buy books, I sometimes find myself in a bit of a quandary. I always like to have a book to read. I carry my iPad everywhere I go to read books. Occasionally I will get a regular book, but for the most part, I get digital books. And I get 90% of my books from the library. I know that means the writers do not necessarily see money directly from me for every book I read, but I read too much to buy every book.

The problem is that I like to keep a queue of books on hold at the library. So I have something to look forward to. And because I rarely take more than a week to read most of my fiction books I have something to switch too. Well, occasionally I will hit a dry spell. When none of my held books are available or will not be for a while.

I have recently tried to fill that some with comic books off the Comixology App. That worked for a while. But there is a limit to what titles I am actually interested in. And I do not have the budget to keep paying for the comic books (If I will not shell out 10 to 15 dollars for an e-book I am definitely not paying 4 dollars for a single comic book issue.)

Then last week I was lucky. Not one but two of my held books became available. I ripped through one of them, Maestro (the latest Drizzt book by R.A. Salvatore.) Then I started reading the other one. I am not going to give out the title because I am not a professional book reviewer. I will say that it was not good. It was slow, with the plot threads far too scattered, and there was too much assumption on the part of the writer that the readers would just get what he was writing about.

Yesterday at lunch I just gave up. Looked through my library on my iPad and found a book I felt like re-reading. That is what is nice about the e-books, because I have that library at my fingertips in case I do not like what I am reading. This is pretty unusual for me to give up like this. I just realized that life was too short to try and force myself through a book that was neither all that interesting and did not hold my attention. At least I have this extensive library at my fingertips to fall back on while I wait for my next book to become available from the library.


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