Brainstorming some novel uses #DnD #MtG #Zendikar #RPG

This week I have the first session for the boys in the Zendikar setting. I am excited to run a different style of game. Something that will work better for the boys. Closer to the Explore, Kill, and Loot, style of play that they are best suited for at this point. One thing I want to also use is some of the cards from Magic. I have been brainstorming on that.


My first idea is a simple matter of bookkeeping. I will issue some land cards to the party Sorcerer to use for tracking his sorcery points. That seems pretty simple to me. He can decide what color he wants to use and stick with that.

While writing this I had another idea. Every member of the party is a spell caster of some kind. A Ranger, Paladin, Cleric and Sorcerer. One of the things that 5th Edition allows you to do is to use spell slots of different levels when casting spells. Like “I am going to cast Cure Wounds at 4th level”. This allows the players to get bigger effects from their spells. Which is a really cool effect of this edition that I want to encourage the boys to make more use of. But the problem is tracking the spell slots from those levels to make sure that they are not using slots that have already been used. My bright idea is that each caster can decide what color they want to assign to each level of spells. And then they get the lands for each spell slot at that level. Then when they cast a spell or use a spell effect they can use flip over that card to signify that it is used.

This can also be used when they have a concentration effect in play. The card for their spell slot remains in front of them, and if they use another concentration spell then that one goes away. That way they do not forget that they lose that spell effect if they cast another spell.

I think that using the cards in this way will do two things. First, it will help them as far as tracking things in the game and prevent any mistakes. Second, I hope that it gets them more in the mode of thinking about the game, and things like resource management. I can also hope that it might get them more into the right frame of mind for enjoying the game.

I will take some pictures and share them during play and in my game report. Let everyone know how it worked (or did not work.)


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