Stuck looking for options #RPG #DND

Welp, wish I had known about this a few weeks ago. Due to the scheduling and vacation plans of summer, my D&D game is on hiatus for at least a month and a half. Which puts me in a bit of an odd predicament. What to do during this downtime?

When I began running games for the boys a couple of years ago it was for two main reasons. First, I wanted to teach a few of the boys the joys of playing role playing games, things that did not involve electronics. Second, it very quickly filled a place in my life that I had forgotten was empty.

Jimmy has definitely leaped into the world of role playing games. He has really enjoyed playing and looks forward to our games. This has also been a bonding time for us, something that is good to have when you are dealing with teenagers. Now I am pondering and looking at other things that we might do to fill our time until the game returns. Because I do not want to lose this time.

I noticed that the table top game Warmachine has just released a new edition. I know that the game is pretty popular. It would be an investment. In time to get the miniatures done and then learning the game. But that would give us something that we could do. And a social outlet if he wanted to play other people. I thought about revisiting Warhammer or Warzone. But while I have a large Empire army for Warhammer I just do not know if that is a path that I want to go down again. And Warzone is just not a popular game. Whereas the barrier to entry for Warmachine is really not that big, and it might be the right scale for some quick games.

Lucky for me I have 2 other games that I am part of so it is not like I am without the opportunity to roleplay. That would be bad. Because in many ways roleplaying has really saved me mentally and emotionally.

It is only a month and a half or a two month hiatus. Hopefully, we can resume then. The thing is that I know that the boys are entering high school, and may not have as much time for an every 2 week game once school starts. The demands of a social life, and sports, and extracurriculars might chew up the weekends before I know it. We will see what happens.


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