Not sure if it is good or bad #DnD #Podcasts #Godsfall #MadAdventurers

While I wait for my gaming hiatus to break I have been spending more time listing to and watching role playing shows. There are an incredible amount of podcasts and youtube shows out there devoted to role playing. I have been delving deeper into them recently, and I am not sure if that is good or bad.

I have gone on at great length about how great Critical Role is. How I think it is an example of a wonderful new form entertainment. Sadly, I am all caught up with the show, having binge watched my way up to the most recent shows. And the shows are in a bit of a flux at the moment here at the height of the summer convention season. At best though that is only once a week.

I began watching the new Force Grey series on Nerdist. Which has the same DM and one of the players from Critical Role. But it is limited to shorter episodes and does not have the same continuing story as Critical Role. So I began to watch Acquisitions Inc., which is similar to the above shows. It is also a weekly show. Yet it is also clearly a single session that has been chopped up into multiple 30 or so minute episodes. It is quite funny, with a very different flavor from Critical Role. But it is still fun. That gives me 3 weekly shows to watch, which is pretty good.

Yet I was still yearning. I found a couple of different Podcasts from the Mad Adventurers website. The first, GM Word of the Week, is written by AngryGM and is really good. Like most of his writing, it is very well written and thought out, and recommended for anyone, not just role players. The second, Stories of the Fifth Age, is definitely for role players, D&D players especially. It is full of great information and interesting discussion of things that make a GM really think. So that was two weekly podcasts.

As if that was not enough I decided to give Godsfall another chance. This is a podcast that is more like Critical Role. It is the recording of a group playing D&D. The world that the GM has come up with is really astounding. Both deep and complex. I had listened to a few episodes a while back but decided to give it another shot. I thought it would be nice to listen to on my drive to Denver. It was really good. Enough so that I am trying to figure out when to make room to listen to it.

That makes 3 weekly shows and 3 weekly podcasts. Like I said, I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. They are all great for giving me ideas for my own games, both as a player and as a GM. But during an unplanned hiatus like this, they can be a little depressing because I do not get to share everything that I am picking up.


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