Nothin’ much, just writing characters #DnD #RPG

Not having any games to play or prep has definitely slowed my posting down. Sorry for that. What have I been up to? Well, I have been reading a lot. Listening to podcasts, watching shows. But not much else until today. Because I am getting at least one new player for the boys game. And since he is coming over tomorrow to create a character I thought I might create a little one shot to help get him started. That means I get to make some characters!

I have no idea what type of player he will be or what kind of character he will want to make. So I figured I would create 3 NPC’s, one of them to accompany him on his one shot. This gives me an excuse to create some characters and write. And it helps stir the creative juices.

First, I created an Elf barbarian. I was inspired a little by a recent Stories of the Fifth Age podcast. They were digging deep in the Barbarian class. And I was reminded of what I think is a great character concept to adapt for that class. In the Wheel of Time series of books, there is a nation called the Aiel. They are a desert dwelling group of tribes. They are somewhat barbaric by the views of the ‘civilized’ nations. And they have a cultural prohibition to never pick up a sword or bladed weapon. I thought that would be a great basis for a character, and eventually a tribe on Zendikar that the players will have to contend with. So I came up with one from there to use as a wilderness guide if he creates a character who would be employing a guide.

Second, I created a human Fighter. A Battlemaster who is a former soldier. He has become too chaotic to remain in the ranks. His job now is to operate as a bodyguard in the wilderness. He is very observant and proficient in trouble spots. He would be very hard to hit and carries multiple weapons. He is not stealthy, but is loyal and will do what he is paid to do.

Third, I have a goblin Wizard. He would be a Transmuter, who spends his time transforming things, creating magic items and trinkets. He is very tough, and smart, but does not look it. He does his best to hide that part of himself. And instead, works to give off the appearance of just another eccentric old goblin. He would be the type to hire a soldier type to escort him in the wilderness.

I think any of these would be fun characters to play. And would be useful recurring NPC’s for the party to deal with depending on what they do. I want to emphasize the wilderness aspect of Zendikar. There are no big cities, so if they run into someone it would be more by chance, and best to let them do their thing.

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