A nice addition #DnD #RPG

Last Friday night the newest player for my D&D game came over to make his character. I think he will be a very good addition to the game. I think he will be more attentive than some of the other players. And is experienced enough that he will not have to be told every rule. And last, he said something that makes things very intriguing.

He made a Rogue with the Assassin archetype. Which can be a very deadly class choice in the right hands. But then he coupled that with the Charlatan background. And then said that it was his goal to be the type who tried to talk his way out of fights. Which is a definite twist from what I have been dealing with before now. The boys are generally the types to attack first, ask questions later. So to have someone create a character who tries to talk, and then be sneaky about things will be a real change and potential challenge for everyone.

I am even more excited to resume the game no based on this. It will be nice to run games in general anyway. And then to have this nice new addition will change things up for everyone. Not much longer until we play. And there is the chance we might even get another player before we resume.


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